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Zl - fzws001 textile wastewater treatment equipment
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  Equipment basic configuration:
  Name: textile wastewater treatment equipment
  Model: zl - fzws001
  Sewage quantity: 1-50 (m3 / h)
  Air volume: 0.5-15 (m3 / min)
  Flow meter specifications: 1-50 (m3 / h)
  Outlet pipe diameter: from 50-150 (mm)
  Inlet pipe diameter, from 50-150 (mm)
  Dimension: can be customized
  Aerator power: 1-15 (kw)
  Textile wastewater mainly raw materials in the process of cooking, rinsing, bleaching and sizing with natural impurities, fat and starch and other organic wastewater.With the development of textile technology, in recent years in the traditional dyeing system with water as medium, is established using organic solvent as medium solvent dyeing technology system, and the use of dye sublimation become gas gas phase dyeing.Due to solvent dyeing method is dry matter dyed, dyed the results are dry, dispense with many post-processing procedure.The printing and dyeing method can make the waste emissions are minimized, avoid textile printing and dyeing industry to the serious pollution of water environment.

  Summary of the status quo:
  1.Textile textile wastewater has a large water volume, high content of organic pollutants, alkalinity, changeable water quality and other characteristics, is a difficult one of industrial waste water, waste water containing dye, sizing agent, additives, oil, acid and alkali, fiber impurities, sand material, inorganic salts, etc
  2.Due to the complexity of the water quality of textile wastewater, pollutants according to the source can be divided into two categories: those from the entrainment of fiber raw material itself;Another kind is used in the manufacturing process of the slurry, oil, dye, chemical fertilizer, etc.
  3.The membrane separation technology is a new type of efficient separation technology, environmental protection, in recent years, with the continuous development of membrane separation technology in domestic and progress, makes the modern high-tech membrane separation technology (mainly) ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis technology has been widely used successfully in the textile industry, and has produced good economic and social benefits, the technical innovation to bring new opportunities for the textile industry.
  4.The main methods are now used for textile wastewater physic-chemical method, biological method, chemical method and combining several processing methods, and the pretreatment in wastewater treatment is mainly to improve wastewater quality, the removal of suspended solids and can direct settlement of impurities, adjusting effluent water quality and water, reduce waste water temperature, etc., to improve the overall effect of wastewater treatment, ensure the stability of the whole processing system, thus pretreatment has the extremely important status in the textile wastewater treatment.

  Process is introduced:
  Textile processing process, the need to cast a wide range of chemicals, wash water pollutants is mainly the dirt from the fabric, salt, oil, lipid and additional in the manufacturing process of all kinds of slurry, dye, surface active agent, additives, acid, alkali, etc.Wastewater is characterized by: PH change is big;High BOD and COD values;Waste water color depth and the change is big;The change of water quality of water.
  Technological process:
  To pretreatment, wastewater collection to physicochemical treatment and biochemical treatment, precipitation emissions

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