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Zl - bdtws001 electronics and semiconductor wastewater reuse equipment system
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  Face huge opportunities of application of semiconductor manufacturers in day-to-day operations, continuous flow is very dependent on the ultrapure water.Because of the global growing shortage of water resources, therefore the ultrapure water production cost in constant rise.Dissolved solids and suspended solid in the differences in content, ph, and metal impurity, the semiconductor wastewater treatment caused a challenge to conventional technology.Through membrane bioreactor and tertiary treatment system, can be in semiconductor wastewater processing, to the new strict environmental regulations or in the factory for use of the opportunity to once again, this has created a zero waste liquor factory.Membrane system is a modular system;Wastewater treatment capacity can quickly adjust, consistent with the output growth.In this way, can ensure that the cost of capital at a lower level at any time.
  Equipment parameters:
  Product name: electronics and semiconductor wastewater reuse equipment system
  Model: zl - bdtws001
  Water treatment: 0.5-1000 tons
  Specifications: according to customer requirements for processing and manufacturing
  Technological process:

  Electronics and semiconductor wastewater reuse equipment system characteristics:
  Does chemicals required minimum or zero;
  Does the sludge production is low;
  Does the ozone output is low;
  Does the energy demand is low;
  Does the occupying a land area of compact;
  Does the existing infrastructure of ideal choice;
  Does shock load;
  Does meet stringent effluent quality requirements;
  Does automation.

  Electronics and semiconductor wastewater recycle economic benefits:
  Due to the membrane separation technology with low energy consumption, no phase change, no pollution, and the separation efficiency, high concentration ratio, the system adopts special membrane separation technology to enrichment, electronics and semiconductor wastewater design enrichment ratio of 10-100 times (in volume).If waste water is contained in a single metal ions, membrane separation concentrate after appropriate treatment after reaching a certain concentration of metal ions back to the electrolytic cell, recycled metal ions, enrichment system through liquid recycle after ion exchange, so as to realize the zero discharge of PCB waste water treatment.Membrane integration technology used in the electronics and semiconductor wastewater resource will not cause secondary pollution, but also recycle the waste water of harmful heavy metals, getting hurt to treasure, to recycle water.To create remarkable economic benefits for the enterprise and good social benefits.
  Scope of business:
  Our company has a comprehensive wastewater reuse technology, electronics and semiconductor wastewater reuse, wastewater reuse in printed circuit board, plating wastewater reuse and precious metals recovery, printing and dyeing, liquid crystal display (LCD), food, paper making, leather making, electric power, chemical and other production wastewater recycling, cleaning water recycling use and sewage treatment products recycling.

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