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Zl-zzws001 papermaking waste water recycling equipment
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  Paper industry is a major water pollution and water conservation.According to incomplete statistics, the wastewater emissions of more than one hundred million tons, accounting for more than 11% of the national industrial wastewater emissions, COD emissions is more than 300, ten thousand tons, accounting for 42% of the total COD emissions, ranks first.In recent years, due to the lack of water resources, economic growth, leading to water price rising and faced with the severe pollution of the environment form, countries to further intensify the enforcement of environmental protection, for papermaking enterprise to seek a new technology to meet the requirements of national environmental protection policy, new technology, to realize the papermaking waste water recycling.
  Henan luoyang company of environmental protection for the demand of papermaking enterprise, integrated design research and development of paper making wastewater reuse system, based on the integrated papermaking wastewater discharging standard in traditional methods for further deep processing, water according to different customer requirements to provide different quality standard back into the water. On the one hand, this system can effectively reduce wastewater emissions, achieved good environmental benefits; On the other hand to save a large amount of water resources, reduce the production cost, has obtained the good economic benefits.
  Product name:Papermaking wastewater reuse equipment
  Product specifications:We can manufacture according to customer requirements,
  Processing custom:is
  Product category: industrial water reuse
  Equipment characteristics:1. The system adopts the elected to special membrane separation technology, simple process, stable and reliable operation, high processing efficiency;2. The system covers an area of small, economic and reasonable equipment configuration, less investment, low operating cost;
  Scope of application:Suitable for paper making, tanning wastewater reuse, electronics and other industries.

  Equipment characteristics:
  This system adopts advanced Etica membrane separation technology.The technology can effectively solve the problem of membrane easily blocked, etc, to ensure long-term stable operation of the system.Comprehensive papermaking wastewater reuse system total recovery is greater than the rate of 60%, waste water Through the waste water recycling system realized recycling, so we can save more than 60% of the waste water pollution.This system not only can effectively save the limited water resources, so as to reduce the consumption of water, relieve the tense contradiction of water has become increasingly prominent, and can reduce the sewage discharge, reduce the pollution on the surrounding water body and improve the human living environment.
  The system is cost-effective, easy to operate and very stable system and its water production operation cost is low, in many parts of China is much lower than municipal tap water price.
  Process flow diagram:
  After comprehensive before discharge of wastewater reuse and recycle paper system process flow diagram is as follows:

  The main device is introduced:
  RO membranes modified ultrafiltration device: according to the paper production process, the different processes for different water quality requirements, process of water demand is higher, can use modified RO membrane filtration of microfiltration or ultrafiltration water production for further deep purification processing.RO membrane separation technology is developed in the 1960 s, a new membrane separation technology is to rely on separation membrane under pressure make the solution process of the solvent and solute in separation.After the modification of the RO membrane compared with conventional water RO membrane, has the stronger ability to resist pollution.Modification of RO membrane filtration is the heart of the system, after modification of RO membrane separation recycling equipment out of the water can remove most of the inorganic salt, organic matter, microorganism and bacteria etc., can achieve the urban sewage recycling industrial water quality requirements.System design is reasonable or not directly related to the project investment cost and the cost of operation in the future.

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