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Municipal wastewater reuse, membrane reactor zl-szws001
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  Municipal wastewater mainly comes from the family, office, commercial, urban public facilities such as sewage and industrial wastewater, wastewater quantity big and obvious periodicity and seasonal periodicity change of day and night.The main pollutants in the wastewater with animal and plant oil, suspended solids, carbohydrate, protein, surfactant, nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, such as microorganisms, the organic pollutants are usually easy to biodegradation, biochemical sex BOD/COD value reaches 0..5 ~ 0.6, and contains the nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, as the growth of organisms provide a good environment.Due to the wastewater treatment is a focus on the environmental benefit and social benefit of engineering, so in construction and operation process of limited funds, management technology and capital problems become the "bottleneck" of the governance of water pollution.
  Henan zhonglan water treatment engineering co., LTD., combined with years of experience, committed to the sewage treatment, and have professional engineers and designers, has many years of application experience in the MBR, will according to the requirements of the customers to provide water quality, water rate, discharge and optimized design. And according to the practical engineering application, for you choose for your a sewage treatment equipment.
  Equipment parameters:
  Product name: municipal sewage reuse, membrane reactor
  Model: zl - szws001
  Sewage quantity: 8 (m3 / h)
  Ozone dosage: 1 (g/h)
  The air quantity: 10 (m3 / min)
  Air tank capacity: 9 (m3)
  Flow meter specifications: 2 (m3 / h)
  The outlet pipe diameter: 3 (mm)
  Inlet pipe diameter: 3 (mm)
  Dimension: 2500 (cm)
  Aerator power: 6 (kw)
  Pump power: 4 (kw)
  Processing custom:

  Working principle:
  Membrane bioreactor (be Bio - Reactor, MBR) as the organic combination of Membrane separation technology and biological treatment technology of a new type wastewater treatment system.With membrane module to replace the traditional biological treatment technology at the end of the second pond, keep highly active sludge concentration in the bioreactor, improve the biological treatment of organic load, thus reducing sewage treatment facilities area, and by keeping low sludge loading to reduce excess sludge.Mainly using the immersed in aerobic biological pool of membrane separation equipment intercept slot activated sludge and macromolecular organic matter.In activated sludge membrane bioreactor system (MLSS) concentration can be up to 8000 ~ 8000 mg/L, or even higher;Sludge age (SRT) can be extended to more than 30 days.Interception of membrane bioreactor due to its effective role, may retain generation cycle longer microbes, which can realize on the depth of water purification, denitrifying bacteria in the system can fully reproduce at the same time, the nitrification effect is obvious, the depth of possible biological nutrient removal.

  Equipment advantages:
  1.Compact, small volume, cover an area of an area small, portable, easy to afforestation and no flies breeding;
  2.High removal rate of organic pollutants, the effluent is stable;
  3.The operation is simple, construction is convenient, no special maintenance, good self protective equipment;
  4.Processing water quality good, meet emissions standards;
  5.The integration of equipment can be flexible configuration according to raw water quality, make the device has extensive applicability.
  6.Probiotics are efficient microbial strains, in view of the special sewage, the company can provide special probiotics quickly and efficiently making water quality standard
  Equipment characteristics:
  1.The film is made of polypropylene, adopt the method of "stretching into hole" manufacturing membrane module good mechanical strength, is very suitable for wastewater treatment, in the condition of high strength of air scrubbing is not easy to break.
  2.Stable chemical properties, oxidation resistance is strong, can use for a long time.Chemical cleaning of membrane, agent wide range to choose from.Can use acid alkali cleaning.
  3.In actual use, parallel to the surface membrane silk, can be in the biochemical pool aeration system to carry on the full scrub on the membrane surface, reduce the pollution of the membrane surface, stable water rate.
  4.The transparent film of water.Through different combination, can be applied to large sewage treatment projects.
  5.Because the stain resistance is strong, so when use the gas water ratio is far less than the similar products of other materials, reduce energy consumption, operation cost is reduced greatly.

  Areas of application:
  1.The municipal sewage treatment and reuse
  2.Sewage treatment and water reuse
  3.Industrial wastewater treatment and reuse
  4.Landfill waste water, slaughterhouse wastewater, rural wastewater centralized treatment and so on.

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