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Zl-zshy001 water back into the water processing system
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  So-called gray water, is mainly refers to urban wastewater or sewage, as water sources, after appropriate treatment for mixed with water, the water quality indexes between between water and sewage, known as the water, the corresponding technology, called water technology.The processed water can be used to toilet flushing, landscape irrigation, road cleaning, city of fountains, etc.For the lack of fresh water resources, serious shortage of urban water supply shortage region, the water technology can not only save water, can make the sewage harmless again, is a key way of prevention and control of water pollution is the key to the present and the future long time in China to promote new technology, new technology.Water reuse in our country, therefore, positioning is: during the tenth five-year plan, the state requirements for 10% of the sewage treatment for further processing after recycling, this is a big number, create the basic conditions for water reuse;The state environmental protection in the "tenth five-year plan", will be "urban sewage treatment and gray water recycle project" as a national key support one of the nine big project.Water system according to the scale divided into building water, water in the living community, three basic systems of water in the city.Building water system is aimed at single building or a few adjacent buildings, deal with small scale;Living community water system is in a smaller range of water systems, management is relatively concentrated, deal with relatively low operating costs, and water quality of water supply is stable;Urban water system refers to the water in the secondary treatment effluent for raw water, municipal sewage treatment plant after advanced treatment with urban water use.
  Water system in the raw water collection system, water treatment system and water in the water supply system.Raw water collection system is mainly to collect raw water, including indoor water collecting pipe, outdoor water collecting pipe and the corresponding rainfall and facilities;Water treatment equipment is used for raw water to the water in the water quality standards;Through indoor and outdoor water supply system and water in the village of water supply pipe system to provide customers with water.
  My company's recycling system technology is now the most advanced membrane treatment technology has been adopted, including pretreatment, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis (RO) system three parts.Due to the depth of the wastewater from modern technology processing can achieve production water mixed with water or life standard, make the wastewater can be recycled, such enterprise for wastewater this piece of the overall operating cost is greatly reduced, play a big role for the environment.
  Equipment parameters:
  Product name: water back into the water treatment equipment
  Note: the model can manufacture according to customer demand
  The water recycling system applicable in the following areas:
  1.As production water, the discharging standard wastewater after advanced treatment of effluent water quality reach the standard industrial water, make it again for the production, so as to realize the recycling of water.
  2.As miscellaneous water of life, such as toilet flushing water, green water, landscape, environment of lakes, agricultural water, plant cooling water, car wash water, etc.
  3.Other aspects of water.

  Method classification:
  According to the method has been used can be roughly divided into three categories:
  1.Biological treatment Adsorption of water microorganisms, oxidative decomposition of organic matter, sewage, including aerobic and anaerobic microbial treatment, general with aerobic treatment.
  2.Physical and chemical treatment With coagulation precipitation (floating) technology and the combination of activated carbon adsorption as the basic way, compared with the conventional secondary treatment, improve the water quality, but the operation cost is higher.
  3.The membrane treatment using ultrafiltration (microfiltration) or reverse osmosis membrane process, its advantage is high removal rate of SS, area compared with the conventional secondary treatment, reduce a lot.
  Process selection:
  Determining the technological process must have water in the raw water of water quantity, water quality and water use requirement, choose reasonable economy should be based on the above conditions, reliable operation process;Device should be considered when choosing the technological process, area and surrounding environment of the constraints, and the noise and the effects of ozone on the surrounding environment;Water in the water are the main pollutants of organic matter, most current is given priority to with biological treatment processing methods;Disinfection sterilization process is indispensable in the process, generally using chlorine disinfectants for disinfection.
  Water in the water treatment process depends mainly on water and water use, water in the water not only affect the choice of the treatment process, but also affect the cost of treatment, therefore, the choice of water in the water is key;At present, the main plot sewage as water in the water, the water is mainly used for processing water the flowers, flushing and washing the car.

  Key points:
  1.Water reuse water
  Water in the water treatment system can be divided into the following three categories:
  High-quality miscellaneous drainage: including washing water, cooling water, boiler water, rain, etc, but excluding cabinet, lavatory drainage, main pollutants is marl, simple processing method.
  Miscellaneous drainage: in addition to the above quality miscellaneous drainage, also including the kitchen drain.Pollution degree is high, there is oil dirties, surfactants, biological organisms and marl.
  Comprehensive drainage: miscellaneous drainage and drainage of the mixed water, bacteria, BOD and COD, containing high polluting before not only has two kinds of wastewater, and the nature of the eutrophication, containing nitrogen and phosphorus treatment process is more complicated
  2.The processing technology
  Water in a certain range is mainly refers to the repeated use of non-potable water, used in the construction of toilet flush, ground, car cleaning, greening labor, industrial circulating cooling water and fire, etc.Among them, used for toilet flushing, greening, cleaning and other miscellaneous water sprinkler and car washing water quality should meet the national standard "life miscellaneous water quality standard of water (CJ/T48-1999), used for water, industrial circulating cooling water use of water in the water quality standards should also be improved.
  (1).The physical and chemical water treatment processes
  The process is based on high-quality miscellaneous drainage water in water, processing purpose mainly is to remove suspended solids and small amounts of organic matter in raw water, reduce water turbidity and chromaticity.This process is the process of raw water mixing in the regulation pool, and pre aeration treatment, by coagulation sedimentation, remove macromolecular organic matter, colloid closure.Specific process is as follows:
  Raw water grille to adjust pool, physical and chemical treatment to disinfection, water
  Features: less land;The system can be intermittent operation, easy management.But the process of water demand is higher, are not suitable for a variety of mixed water after the treatment, thus has certain limitations.
  When using the biological treatment of sewage treatment plant secondary effluent as the water in the water, in order to reach the water quality standard of the water, to be further in-depth processing, including nitrogen and phosphorus, disinfection, deodorization, except for the color and deal with the toxic substances. Deep processing technology can be used to filter, activated carbon adsorption, membrane method, ozone oxidation, ion exchange, etc.The process is as follows:
  Secondary effluent - regulating pool - chemical treatment to filtration and disinfection, water
  (2).Water treatment technology in biochemical method
  If the water in the water for combined drainage, purpose is to remove the suspended solids in the water at the same time and organic matter.The process is different water quantity and water quality of raw water mixing in the regulation pool, and pre aeration treatment, after entering biochemical pool (contact oxidation pool), use of filler on the biofilm adsorption, oxidation of organic pollutants in water, and then filtered disinfection, get stable water quality.Process is as follows:
  Raw water to grille, regulating pool to biological treatment, sedimentation tank to filtration and disinfection, water
  (3).The water in the membrane bioreactor process
  The technology combined biological treatment with membrane separation technology, membrane separation components put in aeration basin, most of the organic matter in wastewater by microorganism decomposition, according to the principle of screening, membrane separation components will microbial particles trapped and diameter is greater than the membrane pore size, the processing of high quality water.The process is as follows:
  Raw water and grille to adjust pool, membrane bioreactor to disinfection, water
  Scope of application:
  1.The paper making, medicine, hospital, beer, city life sewage, chemical, electroplating, painting, circuit boards, textile, dye wastewater discharging standard by the industry;
  2.Various kinds of surface treatment process cleaning with water;
  3.The anode, cathode electrophoresis paint and other industries zero discharge of wastewater.

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