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Tanning wastewater reuse zl-zgws001 equipment system engineering
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  Leather making process in the wastewater characteristics, because of different raw materials, and is different.Most leather industrial wastewater from the beamhouse and tanning stage, these two section in the main in aqueous solution, liquid continuous or intermittent discharge.
  Preparation for the wastewater is strong alkaline mainly for liming, hair removal, waste water, accounted for about 60 of the total displacement wastewater containing high concentrations of chloride, sulfide, preservatives, fat, protein and suspended solids, etc.Tanning process of the wastewater in weak acidic wastewater containing chromium, chemical additives, dyes, etc.Chrome flash salt content in the waste liquid is as high as 4000 mg / 1, the amount of water for the total amount of waste water of 30 or so.
  Leather mixed alkaline wastewater, toxic, high content of refractory material, fouling corrosion appearance, smelled, when the design must have certain ability to adapt to changes in water quantity, water quality of load.
  As we all know, the leather industry is heavy and heavy emitters.Leather enterprises generally have the perfect sewage treatment system, sewage treatment after the effluent of primary or secondary emission standards, but because of the growing scarcity of water resources and serious pollution, both from the perspective of enterprise cost and the development of social environmental protection requirements, tanning wastewater after advanced treatment reuse is very necessary.Based on years of experience, my company to the tireless efforts of designers and engineers, in leather-making wastewater reuse technology, the design of a complete set of printing and dyeing wastewater reuse solution, can make the standard back to the water quality of the factory in the use of water, energy conservation and emissions reduction, recycling economy, efficient and environmental protection, solve pollution and reduce the production cost for enterprises to provide the best service.
  According to the present situation of our leather enterprise, national industry requirements for leather industry (GB8978-1996 ton raw skin allows maximum displacement is 60 m3) [2], tanning wastewater emission standard and the requirement of water resources comprehensive utilization and clean production, the practical measures to improve the governance and management level, improve the leather making technology, the industrial wastewater from two aspects of environmental and economic benefits, make the enterprise to get sustainable development.
  Equipment parameters:
  Product name: tanning wastewater reuse equipment
  Note: the model can manufacture according to customer demand
  Technological process:

  This process will continue to separate chromium-containing waste water treatment, the treatment process is changeless, sulfur-containing wastewater and other comprehensive sewage mixed together.The single solution for waste water, waste water to reduce the stages of mixed, inlet load stability and comprehensive wastewater treatment system in regulating pool increased aeration mixing can greatly improve the BOD and SS in sewage processing system and the treatment effect of sulphide.The aeration system merged with SBR reaction pool aeration system, so as not to increase the energy consumption of the whole system.SBR method of biological treatment system can be intermittent operation, the production of three months after the restart the active rapid recovery, the sewage sludge of NH3 - N has good treatment effect and impact resistance load capacity is strong, treated effluent is better than other process are improved obviously.SBR method saved a sulfur-containing wastewater biological treatment system in the comprehensive wastewater treatment process of separate treatment system and the original two pond, then through filtration, disinfection system use water to reuse.

  Equipment advantages:
  Wastewater treatment process can not only effectively tanning wastewater treatment, can also be a lot of useful substances in recycling waste water, it has good treatment effect, energy conservation and emissions reduction, and create economic benefits, etc.

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