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Mineral water pretreatment process
Source:Mineral water pretreatment process   Author:  Release time:2015-09-01

  Mineral water pretreatment by mechanical equipment, activated carbon filter, microporous membrane filter, terminal filter consists of a hollow ultrafiltration, the machine is mainly used in the production of mineral water.Mineral water Wells from the depths of the natural or artificial revealed, unpolluted underground mineral water;Containing a certain amount of mineral salts and trace elements or carbon dioxide gas;Under normal circumstances, its chemical composition, flow rate, water temperature and other dynamic within the natural range of relatively stable.Mineral water is formed in the formation of deep cycle, contains minerals and qualified index of national standard.
  According to the physical condition and regional differences in drinking water, choose suitable mineral water to drink, can complement minerals, in particular, the role of trace elements.Midsummer season drinking mineral water supplement for sweat loss of minerals, is the effective means.The nine boundaries specified in the national standard indicators including lithium, strontium, zinc, selenium, bromide, iodide, metasilicate, free carbon dioxide, and total soluble solids, mineral water must have one or more than one reached the requirements of boundary indicators, the required content respectively (unit: mg/L) : lithium, zinc, iodide are 0.2 or higher, selenium 0.01 or higher, bromide acuity 1.0, metasilicate 25 or more, free carbon dioxide and a total soluble solids, 1000 or 250 or higher.
  Most of the mineral water on the market belongs to the strontium (Sr) and metasilicic acid.Mineral water equipment is given priority to with imported parts, water pump is used to improve the system of water supply pressure;Many medium filter can remove the suspended solids in the water, material and so on;Activated carbon filter can remove residual chlorine in water, odor material and peculiar smell gas, improving taste;Precision filter further removes impurities in water, hollow ultrafilter to impurities in water, colloid, phenolic compounds and removing chloride, bacteria and other harmful substances, and keep the water is good for all kinds of minerals in the water.

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