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Anyang fast boiler co., LTD., water treatment engineering case
Source:Water treatment engineering cases   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-08-24

Anyang fast boiler co., LTD

Anyang fast boiler co., LTD

  Sino-foreign joint venture anyang party fast boiler co., LTD. Is located in anyang city hi-tech development zone, for a-class boiler manufacture, D1 / D2 grade pressure vessel manufacturing unit, the existing ISO9001 quality management system certificate and the international certification alliance (IQNET) certification.Company to manage the lean, employee career development concept, has become the domestic first-class modern production enterprise of science and technology.
  Party fast boiler now has "a badder-like inner container inside enamel of the boiler, the boiler water level control device," finned tube condensing preheating recycling vacuum hot water boiler "and so on more than 20 independent intellectual property rights, is a leading domestic clean boiler manufacturing technology, are only a few domestic clean boiler is one of the research and development ability of enterprises, is a major production base of domestic digital boiler clean fuel.
  After ten years of development, the fast boiler in order to "create convenient for the user boiler high-quality goods" for the mission, with "convenient" core values;With "precise positioning, precise process, continuously optimize the operation method of eliminating all waste" of the lean operation strategy, formed its own unique brand.At present, the company has more than 10000 end users, the product all over the country, and have been exported to the United States Guam, Russia, north Korea, Vietnam, kyrgyzstan, Thailand, South Africa, Hong Kong and other dozens of countries and regions.
  Fast boiler with "shape character, create the high-quality goods" the management idea, take the technology as the core, take the market demand as the guidance, seize opportunities, meet challenges, make full use of the patent technology with independent intellectual property rights, play the advantages of product differentiation, and the "clean boiler the first brand in China".

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