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Qingdao sewage charge up to 1 yuan since next month
Source:Water managing,   Author:zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-01

  25, held a press conference, Qingdao determine three areas, urban water supply price reform policies in the city.Since September 1, the residents users integrated water price changed from the current 2.50 yuan per cubic meter to ladder pricing according to three points, and among them, the sewage disposal changed from the current 0.70 yuan per cubic metre for 1.00 yuan.
  Residents the first ladder household water use no more than 144 cubic meters (contain), integrated water price 3.50 yuan per cubic meters (including sewage charge $1.00);The second ladder household water consumption in 144-144 cubic meters (including), integrated water price 4.65 yuan per cubic meters (including sewage charge $1.00);Third ladder years more than 204 cubic meters of water consumption, comprehensive water price 8.00 yuan per cubic meters (including sewage charge 1.00 yuan).Ladder denominated in cycle, water cycle between the cumulative, carry forward.

  Residents according to 4 per family population, more than 4 people, every increase 1 person, years increase 36 cubic meters of water base, specific number and program of water increases, residents shall be formulated by the water supply enterprise in ladder water price in the detailed rules for the implementation shall be clear.
  Supporting measures, for the city areas hold the certificate of safeguard of townsman lowest life urban low-income households continue to offer subsidies, subsidies standards by the existing 54 to 136 yuan/year. 8 yuan/year, grant mode according to the original channels.
  For the residents live in inner city areas water price of non-resident users (including the army, school, nursery, social welfare and community service facilities part of china-africa business users), not a ladder water price, integrated water price 3.70 yuan per cubic meters (including tap water price is 2.70 yuan per cubic meter, sewage disposal is RMB 1.00 per cubic meter).

  To areas not yet implemented in the city a door a table cannot execute stepwise metering water price of water for the residents, temporarily not ladder water price, perform the first ladder water price.Ladder water price after implementation, to a year later for residential users not implemented a household one table transformation of residential users, integrated water price 3.70 yuan per cubic meters (including water price 2.70 yuan per cubic meter, sewage disposal is RMB 1.00 per cubic meter).In order to guarantee the fairness of the residents of water rights, water supply enterprises should accelerate the reform of water residents "one household one table" progress, to create conditions for promoting ladder water price.
  Water supply enterprises will continue to promote the unity of secondary water supply facilities in residential area construction, maintenance and management, accelerate the reform of the secondary water supply facilities in residential area handed over to the schedule, to ensure the safety of water supply.Water price is adjusted, no longer separate residents secondary water supply operation maintenance fee.
  Ladder of water consumption in 2015 according to the actual water consumption calculation of four months, that is: the first step of water is not more than 48 cubic meters (including), the second step 48-68 cubic meters of water (contain), the third step of water for more than 68 cubic meters.
  Background reading: Qingdao residents water prices rose for a decade
  Qingdao is an acute shortage of water city, water resources per capita is only 307 cubic meters, so residents water-saving awareness is necessary.According to introducing, the current water price is Qingdao in June 2005, residents living water with single price of water.At present, the residents living water to integrated water price is 2.5 yuan/tons, including sewage disposal fee 0.7 / ton, according to the order from high to low, ranked 15th in the province's 17 cities, is lower than the highest zibo 0.725 yuan/ton.According to measure, regardless of the south-north water diversion project, as well as other factors such as water resource utilization, Qingdao is the average cost of sales is 3.56 yuan/ton, while excluding 0.7 yuan/tons of sewage disposal, tap water only 1.8 yuan/ton, the cost of severe upside down.
  The current price of water, can neither reflect the scarcity of water resources, also can't to motivate the initiative of the people to save water and.To promote the adjustment of industrial structure also did not play a positive role.
  It is reported, 70 large and medium-sized cities in the whole country at present, already has more than 50 cities ladder water price system.

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