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The environmental protection agency (epa) "accident" sewage water threat seven states
Source:   Author:  Release time:2015-09-01


  1 million gallons (American gallons 1 = 3.785 litres) of carrying toxic wastewater, heavy metal were dumped into the Colorado river system.
  The pollution of was the U.S. environmental protection agency.
  Into the Colorado river system
  On January 5, the United States environmental protection agency (epa) a survey team to an abandoned mine in Colorado.Their original purpose is to recycle and disposal of waste water of mine, reducing pollutants into rivers.Collected from the mine waste water, to be stored in a pool near the research site.
  But this day, accident happened.
  These contain a large number of heavy metal wastewater flow overflow pool, the nima o pours into the nearby river, and is continuing to run to a national park in the great lakes.
  Wastewater has a path arrived in new Mexico, Colorado last Friday, is continuing to the west, through the route is known as the red rock physiognomy of Utah.Big step - ace cortlandt national reserve in that area, too.
  "It's terrible."Agent, new Mexico, SAN Juan county sheriff Stephen Lawrence (StephenLowrance) said, "the sewage into the rivers orange brown, you would never want to drink to the river."
  After the accident notice, Lawrence and another official in the county rushed to the scene of the sewage leak.
  Sewage is to move a large Indian reservation.Sewage into the SAN Juan river, is likely to affect the protection zones of drinking and farming.
  The SAN Juan river is the Colorado river tributaries.
  Throughout the United States more than 2000 kilometers southwest of the Colorado river, a total of seven states supply water to the United States.
  Threat of heavy metals
  Talkers reserve chairman of Russell (RussellBegaye), according to Mr Cover industry which is caused by government's lax accident again, "we now have to far away from the river again."
  Bei cover industry also asked the U.S. environmental protection agency immediately open everything about sewage the specific details of the accident.
  The SAN Juan river will then into lake Powell, lake Powell is famous as a part of the grand canyon.
  The U.S. environmental protection agency has not announced temporarily sewage may cause what effect to the lake Powell.
  Most disturbing to people around the lake, until Friday afternoon gold continues to leak.
  Although these leakage of sewage into rivers had not yet been but had pulled out the surrounding a long water.
  The U.S. environmental protection agency has set up a tank, try to make the sewage flow, can to separate precipitation of heavy metals.
  Nima o team was to pour into the river water and sediment of the initial survey.According to the survey, the wastewater containing lead, arsenic, cadmium, copper, calcium, and other heavy metals, harmful to health.The damage is enough to make a local officials warned residents to stay away from the river.
  Officials in the United States environmental protection agency (epa) at a news conference later, according to respond to the accident and environmental harm to human body caused by a temporary still can't calculate, because toxicologists are based on water samples for analysis.
  Long-term risk
  "It's a huge tragedy, especially the environmental protection agency (epa) on the other side of the previous roles."The United States environmental protection agency (epa) David ostrander, head of the department of emergency management (DavidOstrander) said, "we usually is correct, but this time we become perpetrators."
  The leakage of wastewater is a legacy of gold mine has more than 100 years history, although there is a master gold mine, but in fact have been abandoned.
  Water continue to flow downstream, will all the way through a lot of the center of the town.Many towns along the river also have various water entertainment tourism projects.
  Since last Friday, sewage flows through the town's residents have been warned to stay away from the water.Farmers also banned again use river water, some towns also launched the reserve water, and called on residents begin to store water.
  Responsible for regional water supply of the federal bureau of reclamation in the western United States, also strongly warned people not to have any contact with the surface of the water.
  Bureau of reclamation has released near the dam of the crash, attempts to dilute wastewater.
  The environmental protection department officials acknowledged that the possible impact of the leakage accident, may be over many years in the future.
  "We need to measure long-term effects, such as spring runoff some sediment will be brought back again, these are all potential factors will cause harm in the future."The United States environmental protection agency (epa) district governor Sean McGrath (ShaunMcGrath) said.
  After the accident, the environmental protection department of emergency response are also widely criticized.
  The United States environmental protection agency (epa) some officials said, because without being aware of the seriousness of the matter, so delayed until the second day of the accident told local residents, was dyed fluorescent Yellow River water to flow into the center of the town.
  This whole day information delay, may lead to some farmers still kept in the dark, used in the polluted river water to irrigate crops.

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