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BBS held 2015 Internet + smart water purification industry
Source:   Author:  Release time:2015-09-01

  Water treatment industry with special social attributes, devote themselves to the national health drinking water has become the industry consensus.The BBS with "good if water net, healthy life" as the theme, aims to together industry strength and wisdom, and discusses the future development of water purification industry, resolve potential industry, promote the business of national drinking water safety comprehensive advancement, create healthy "net" for millions of public water optimal life!
  Since 2011, the Chinese water industry has been orderly development: the quick go to run in 2011, industry outbreak in 2013, 2014, sharply higher, water purification market is growing.Reporters from the meeting released by the blue book 2015 water purification industry, we have learned that in 2015 China water purification market scale will reach 19.2 billion, broad market space in the future.

  Condensed wisdom industry Create water life
  2015 Internet BBS + smart water purification industry received, industry association director unit, the height of the relevant enterprises and the news media attention.Beijing business newspaper deputy editor peng yu, Chinese center for disease control environment and health related product safety xue-tao bai, the deputy director of the China household electrical appliances association deputy secretary-general Chen Gang network CEO of hubei, China water purification experts ceremony, Mr D cloud network (AVC), vice President of Wu Yi industry experts, such as the Internet + era of China's water industry development direction, put forward some valuable guidance.American o. Smith water treatment products co., LTD. General manager Mr, haier QuGuiNan day happy home water equipment co., LTD general manager and midea, gree, extreme, love the knicks related enterprise representatives to attend this BBS, such as water purification and water purification market development trend, industry standards and other hot spots on intellectual exchanges.

  The Chinese center for disease control environment and health related product safety xue-tao bai is introduced, the deputy director of the China is the world's water resources is one of the most poor countries, the per capita amount of qualifying for the 121th in the world.At the same time, there are serious water shortage and water pollution situation in our country.At present, our country the present situation of the drinking water safety, and equipment from the aspects of natural ways, there are mainly four performance: first, severe water shortages, including quantitative water shortage and water shortage; the latter isSecond, the pollution of water source in a short period of time is difficult to recover;Third, ShuPeiShui antiquated.Under this background, the family household water purifiers into consumers.From the drinking water safety point of view, household water purification equipment to ensure safety and quality, on the one hand is water purification ability, can remove contaminants;On the other hand is its own security, whether can cause secondary pollution.

  China's household electrical appliances association deputy secretary-general Chen Gang speech said, when the current rapid development in Chinese water industry, the majority of consumers of the water purification industry overall cognitive has reached a high level, has the good development foundation.But, whether to buy what kind of technology of water purifiers, cognitive or vague, most consumers and brand association degree is relatively low.Water purification industry also nots allow to ignore the problems: one is the brand of good and evil people mixed up, "small workshops" production mode to disrupt the market;The second is the industry standard needs to be established, strengthening market supervision;Three is "false advertising" bad enterprise credit overdraft industry.

  "Blowout" growth investment boom
  According to Mr D cloud network (AVC) monitoring data show that the water treatment industry from 2013 to 2014, sales of 7.2 billion and 12.1 billion respectively, compound annual growth rate of 42.5%.Water treatment market in 2015 sales of 7.89 million units, sales scale will reach 19.2 billion, the future market potential is tremendous, including water dispenser share will reduce further, only accounted for 10% of sales.This means that the China water appliances is moving from an era of "drink" to cross the "net" era.
  With the rapid development of domestic economy in recent years and awakening of consciousness of healthy environmental protection, people puts forward higher requirements on a healthy lifestyle.China's water purification market just visible in the 1980 s, due to frequent water pollution in recent years, further accelerate the development of the water purification industry attention and speed of students.
  Water purification industry "blowout" type of growth, trigger a new round of investment.The current domestic water purification machine to qinyuan, midea, angel and other brand as the leading factor;Haier, gree electrical home appliances brands such as increasing investment;International brand giant American o. Smith, unilever, such as 3 m contends.Amway business model for brand, infinite pole, perfect and so on also crossover join;Small micro enterprise business growth, the market competition is more and more fierce.
  O. Smith companies in the United States as the leader of the industry, in response to the rapid development of China's water market, dominated by market demand, innovative core application technology research and development, has carried on the side flow reverse osmosis membrane technology, AOS the second generation of craft and technology such as reverse osmosis water purification machine research and development, etc., the positive development of led industry.
  Mr D cloud network (AVC) senior vice President of home appliance industry experts Mr Wu Yi said at the meeting.

  "2015 water purification industry blue book released indicate the trend in the future
  Mr D cloud network (AVC) as the authority on the data, a research firm, deep water purification vertical and keen insight, professional research.Blue book carefully written "2015 water purification industry authority issued on the BBS, from national policy, market trends, industry, technology of water purification industry in 2015 is expounded from the aspects such as development status.
  Blue book "2015 water purification industry pointed out that the future development trend of water purification industry" big four ": first, the beautiful think control is the future direction of products involving;Second, large flux is the main tone;Third, the active service is the main form of future service;Fourth, human-computer interaction, intelligent interconnection is the main direction of future product development.
  For industry, its reference value and significance is huge, it is not only an academic achievements, but also containing huge commercial value the authority of the report.Through the enterprise and media on the achievement transformation, widely used, help companies know more about China's future development direction of water purification industry.
  Wu Yi Mr D cloud network (AVC) vice President in the big data interpretation of 2015 water purification industry report: from the point of channels, both online and offline channels trend, online channel is rapid development, online channel accounted for 28% in the first half of 2015, especially jingdong, day cat market well.From the point of product structure, reverse osmosis product price ascension, for upgrading structure is accelerated, more than 3000 yuan accounts for water purification products in the market than the expanding trend, accounted for 56%, more user preferences high-end water purification products.
  In urgent need of water quality standards To strengthen market supervision
  In the water purification industry rapid development at the same time, the industry problems also nots allow to ignore.Behind the "blowout" water purification products, product quality and after-sale is a need to break through the bottleneck.Installation does not regulate water purifiers become "leaking", no hint water purifier filter change into "sewage", running control system into a "dangerous" wait for a phenomenon to be solved.
  Water purification appliances is the home appliance industry's fastest-growing niche, a calls to industry standards, strengthen market supervision remained high.For wading products at the present stage in China implement the "market access", according to the division of government departments, the health department is responsible for the supervision and health supervision for wading product in accordance with the law.In the ministry of health JianFa wading product standards and specifications, involved in water purification equipment is close to 10.
  In addition to the ministry of health, housing, environmental protection, the national home appliances standardization technology committee and other departments are released or lead, formulate the standards of water purifiers.According to statistics, at present has been implemented, and approval and for the water purifier as many as dozens of related standards.Although many standard, the water purification appliances industry standard is still "scarcity", mainly is the water quality standard is far from us, pertinence is not strong.
  Due to domestic water purifier market starts late, industry regulation is relatively backward, product has no complete system of industry standard, thus caused the water purifier market chaos, the chaos is not only hurt consumers, for the healthy development of the whole water purifier market is also a great threat, so the unified standards for the industry.
  2015 the most solemnly announced by consumer trust in brands and products
  Water purifier industry development is still in exploring road belongs to China's water purifier industry characteristics, but the water purifier industry prospect in our country, specific goals!Rising water purifier industry progress, China's water purifier no matter from the level of environmental protection, design content, or are in the high level of brand construction stage of promotion.Good brand will naturally get consumers' attention and recognition.Organized by the organizing committee, by the consumers all over the country through WeChat voting participation, elects the 2015 consumer trusted brand award, 2015, the most popular with consumers product award, 2015 water purification industry innovation award, the winners are as follows:

  2015 Internet BBS + smart water purification industry the guests and experts agree that a water quality standard, strengthen self-discipline, guide the brand development is the important task.Solve the problem of hundreds of millions of public health drinking water, need to relevant departments, trade associations and related enterprises to promote.The future China's water industry will be healthy and rapid development.

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