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Article 10 "context" to help you interpret the state ecological civilization system reform
Source:Water treatment technology center   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-23

  Ecological civilization is a form of human civilization, is following the man and nature, human society harmonious development of the objective law and the sum total of material and spiritual achievements made, based on human beings, between human and nature, man and society, harmonious coexistence, benign circulation, comprehensive development, sustainable prosperity as the basic principle of social form, reflect the state of civilization of a society.Recently, the scio is ecological civilization system reform to hold conferences, the central financial and economic leading group office, deputy director of the central comprehensively deepen reform leading group for reform of economic system and ecological civilization system, special team members liaison wei-min Yang, central has been examined and approved the "1 + 6" of the reform of ecological civilization combination plan, general plan will soon be released in full.Ecological civilization system reform will have what important deployment, today by blue water treatment engineering company in henan small make up by ten "context" to help you interpret system reform of national ecological civilization, please take a look at.

The reform of national ecological civilization

  Ecological civilization system of the "four beams eight columns" what is it?
  The overall scheme of reform of ecological civilization system (hereinafter referred to as the "overall scheme") is divided into 10 parts, a total of 56 article, article 47 of the task is to reform and measures, put forward to establish and perfect the system of eight, to the ecological civilization system "four beams eight columns".
  Ecological civilization system reform to establish and perfect the system of which eight?
  Eight system including the natural resource property right system, establishing national spatial development system of protection, a spatial planning system, improve the resources management and comprehensive saving, and perfect the system of paid use of resources and the ecological compensation, establish and improve the environmental management system, perfecting market system, improve the environmental management and ecological protection ecological civilization system of performance evaluation and the responsibility.
  How to carry out the supervision of environmental protection work?
  Scheme, supervision work will be to the organization form of the central environmental protection inspection, the provincial party committee and government and its relevant departments to carry out, and sink to the part of municipal party committee government departments.Inspection team leader by current or recent out of the cadres at the provincial or ministerial level leadership positions, deputy head of a ministry present cadre of.Supervision after the major issues to report to the central, the inspection results to hand over to the central organization department, these results as leadership supervision object and the important basis of appointment and evaluation of leading cadres.
  Department of environmental protection to the transfer of 6 kinds of discipline inspection department need accountability for what is situation?
  Transferred to the discipline inspection department by the program department of environmental protection mainly includes the following six kinds of CPC party disciplines responsibility needs to be investigated: the environment problem is very outstanding, significantly worse environmental quality, the national task is not complete, and the leading cadre in inaction, as the environmental protection aspect, even by dereliction of duty, malfeasance, abuse of power.
  The main content of environmental protection supervision involved in what respect?
  According to the plan, the content of supervision of the CPC central committee and state council on major policy decisions to carry out environmental protection situation, the major environmental problem situation, the three aspects such as the environmental protection responsibility to carry out the situation.
  What departure audit focus on natural resources assets?
  Deputy auditor general of audit Chen Chen ZhaoJieShao natural resource assets and left area before and after the audit is mainly for leading cadres for natural resource assets audit, converting change status of key areas of environmental protection need to focus on the audit.He pointed out that the audit sheet for reference, objective analysis what is the cause of the change, which is the objective reason, which is the subjective reason.
  On human factors caused fewer natural resources assets, the decline in the quality, environmental degradation, serious pollution of these problems, to seek truth from facts' responsibility to define the leading cadres.Audit results will be held accountable for carrying out the responsibility and accountability, the use of cadres, to appoint or remove, and rewards and punishments, and provide important basis or foundation, will send report to cadre management, such as the audit report will be to audit department, commission, etc., if the alleged crime, but also handed over to the judicial organs.
  Natural resources assets departure audit specific how to deploy?
  The pilot is roughly divided into three stages.Is to start the year this year, next year, expanding the scope of the pilot, in a unified manner by the auditor will guide the part of the local audit institutions shall conduct audit pilot.2017 comprehensive pilot audit, develop the leading cadres of the natural resource assets departure audit the interim provisions on.Since 2018, the auditing organs at all levels shall, in accordance with the cadre management authority entrusted by the organization department to carry out the outgoing audit, form a regular audit system.
  The ecological environment damage compensation applicable scope is what?
  Explicit, applies only to ecological environment caused by environmental pollution and ecological damage factors and functional damage, the damage of ecological environment itself.Bodily injury, personal and collective property losses and Marine ecological environment damages shall not apply.

The reform of national ecological civilization

  Ecological civilization system reform ZhongCai do led is why?
  Wei-min Yang explained that this formulation is led by ZhongCai do, together with the central committee and the relevant departments of the state council and other 12 departments to form a eventually, each department through intense discussion, debate, finally reached a consensus.
  Led by ZhongCai do, because the reform involves the ten aspects integrated unified reform, "is likely to hit a certain department interests and 'cheese', let yourself this department surgery, knife down very hard, it can not cut in place. I am afraid, after"In addition, also like wastewater treatment by multiple departments, "let who led all tricky."
  "According to the requirements of the general secretary, in order to improve the quality of reform, we formed a cross functional team to do, to improve the quality of the reform."ZhongCai do, he says, as a special group led by unit, can coordinate between different departments, "the cut will be cut, the whole to the whole".
  The economic system and ecological civilization system reform special group who are the members?
  According to wei-min Yang, special team leader is ZhongCai office director liu crane, is deputy head of the national development and reform commission director xu shaoshi and environment minister, because the environment minister zhou shengxian earlier this year, ji-ning Chen took over, is now the formalities by ji-ning Chen served as deputy team leader position.

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