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Nine technical treatment of industrial wastewater
In many water treatment enterprises, henan zhonglan group research and development production of sewage treatment equipment with advanced technical operation, using a first-class sewage wastewater treatment process, and solves the problem of a lot of indu
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Centrifugal pump the points for attention during the operation
Centrifugal pump is the use of a centrifugal impeller rotation and make the water has come to work.
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Precision filter maintenance and maintenance
Precision filter adopts stainless steel material manufacturing, filling inside the filter as the filter element, according to the different filter medium and the process design of filter element, so as to achieve water quality requirements.
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The definition and physical properties of activated carbon
Activated carbon is a kind of black powder, granular or pellet with porous amorphous carbon, main ingredients for carbon, also contain a small amount of oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen and chlorine. Also has the fine structure of graphite as, just smal
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The evaluation index of ultrafiltration system
Against an ultrafiltration system, how to evaluate it, and that we should concern. There are a lot of technical indicators from different angles to measure and evaluate an ultrafiltration system, we selected are defined as follows.
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