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Commonly used filter function
Source:water treatment technology center   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-01

  The core is good, water is good.
  Filter is the heart and filter has advantages and disadvantages.
  Activated carbon filter
  To remove the water of different color, odor, residual chlorine, organic matter, some heavy metals, filter out impurities, very subtle and effectively adjust the hardness.
  Double festival filter
  Adopt wooden core and coconut shell activated carbon filter, double at the same time remove the various impurities in the water and various chemical organic matter, remove peculiar smell.
  Resin filter
  To reduce the hardness of water, remove easily deposited on the human body harmful calcium and magnesium ions.
  PP melt-blown cartridge
  To filter out the water in the mud, suspended solids, colloid, rust, solid impurities, significantly reduce the turbidity.
  Granular activated carbon filter
  Filter (adsorption) of different color, smell and residual chlorine in water part, chlorinated hydrocarbons, organic matter, heavy metal, remove the lime.
  RO reverse osmosis membrane
  Reverse osmosis membrane pore size is only one of five thousand bacteria, can filter out all completely bacteria, viruses, chemical pollutants such as pesticides, organic matter and heavy metal.Can turn water into fresh water, bottled water is produced using reverse osmosis principle.
  Ceramic filter
  Filtering the water of bacteria, pyrogen, extremely subtle colloid, etc., up to 0.02 micron filtration precision.Can wash over and over again.
  Ultrafiltration filter
  Superfine aperture is less than 0.02 microns, adopting the principle of molecular sieve physics filtration to penetration will heat water, bacteria, virus, utrasmall particle, macromolecule organic matter thoroughly remove.

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