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Precision filter maintenance and maintenance
Source:water treatment technology center   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-01

  Precision filter adopts stainless steel material manufacturing, filling inside the filter as the filter element, according to the different filter medium and the process design of filter element, so as to achieve water quality requirements.Precision filter has strong pollutant carrying capacity, good corrosion resistance, large flow, convenient operation, the advantages of long time.During our daily use, in order to prolong the service life of filter, precision filter maintenance and maintenance to master the correct way, following a brief introduction for you.
  1.The precision filter is the core part of the filter, filter core is composed of special materials, parts, need special protection.
  2.After working for a period of time, when the precision filter, filter filter to block a load of a certain amount of impurities, the pressure drop increases, the velocity is reduced, shall promptly remove the impurities in the filter, at the same time to clean the filter element.
  3.Remove impurities, in particular attention to the precision filter, deformation or damage, otherwise, put up the filter, the purity of the filtered medium can not meet the design requirements.
  4.Some precision filter, can not be repeated use, such as bag filter, pp filter, etc.
  5.If discover filter deformation or damage, should be replaced immediately.
  Above is the simple introduction the precision filter, the hope will be helpful to you.Henan in the blue water treatment co., LTD. Is an enterprise specializing in water treatment.We produce all kinds of water treatment equipment, reliable quality, are widely used in various industries.Not only that, but we also produce all kinds of filters, precision filters is one of them, if the user wants to choose and buy the product, can feel free to contact us.

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