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Water treatment Equipment > Silicon material silicon product zl-gcp001 ultrapure water cleaning equipment

Silicon material silicon product zl-gcp001 ultrapure water cleaning equipment
Source:Ultrapure water equipment   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-22

Silicon products ultrapure water cleaning equipment

  Equipment parameters:
  Name: silicon materials, silicon products ultrapure water cleaning equipment
  Model: zl-gcp001
  Inlet diameter: 40 (mm)
  Water rate: 3 t/H
  Job stress: 290 (psi)
  Power: 5.5 (w)
  Electrical conductivity: 0.055 us/cm
  The desalination rate: 99.9% (%)
  Trace pollution can also lead to device failure.The purpose of cleaning is to remove surface contamination material, including organic and inorganic substances.Some of these impurities in atom or ion state, some in the form of a thin film or granular form exists in silicon wafer surface.Organic pollution including photoresist, organic solvent residue, synthetic wax and contact components, tools, utensils, grease or fiber.Inorganic pollution, including heavy metals gold, copper, iron, chromium, serious impact on minority carrier lifetime and surface conductance;Alkali metals such as sodium, cause serious leakage;Particle pollution including silicon slag, dust, bacteria, microorganisms, organic gel fibers, etc., can lead to various defects.So monocrystalline silicon/silicon/silicon solar cell silicon wafers, semiconductor devices must be used in the production of ultrapure water, ultrapure water currently produced process can be divided into reverse osmosis + ultrapure water of the mixed bed equipment, 2 it is reverse osmosis + EDI ultrapure water equipment, this is two kinds of producing ultrapure water equipment commonly used process.Ultrapure water is mainly used for cleaning of silicon and small amounts of used for preparation of liquids, water vapor source of silicon oxide, part of the equipment of the cooling water, preparation of plating solution, etc.The alkali metal (K, Na, etc.) in the water can make the insulating film pressure bad, heavy metals (Au, Ag, Cu, etc.) will lower the PN junction voltage, III group elements (B, Al, Ga, etc.) will worsen n-type semiconductor properties, V element (P, As, Sb, etc.) will worsen p-type semiconductor features, after high temperature carbonization of phosphorus bacteria in water (accounted for about 20% ~ 50%) of the ash content will make the local area on the p-type silicon caused by change of n-type silicon device performance deteriorate.The particles in the water (including bacteria) as adsorption in the surface of silicon wafer, or it could cause a short circuit characteristics.


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