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Water treatment Equipment > Circuit board PCB zl-dlb001 deionized water equipment

Circuit board PCB zl-dlb001 deionized water equipment
Source:Circuit board PCB deionized water equipment   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-19

Circuit board PCB deionized water equipment

  Equipment parameters:
  Name: circuit board PCB deionized water equipment
  Model: zl-dlb001
  Inlet diameter: 15-100 (mm)
  Water rate: 0.25-50 t/h
  Working pressure: 1.5 MPa (psi)
  Circuit board manufacturing process, FPC/PCB wet process most of the process is similar.The process is similar to the requirement of pure water.We often used in circuit board manufacturing process of electroplating copper, tin, nickel and gold;Chemical nickel plating gold;PTH/black hole;Surface treatment production process need to use different requirements such as etching of pure water.Because the PCB production process used in the liquid medicine is different, the difference of production process and quality requirements are not the same as those of pure water.The key indicators are: electric conductivity (resistivity), the total silicon, pH value, granularity.Circuit board, circuit board with pure water for the process itself is the different of pure water manufacturing process is different.As currently the vast majority of the use of the circuit board factory, roughly divided into three types: pretreatment with ion exchange pure water system;Reverse osmosis and ion exchange system;Efficient reverse osmosis EDI ultrapure water equipment.
  Select the necessity of deionized water equipment:
  Deionized water is mainly in the electronic industry increasingly highlight the important role of circuit boards, electronic components production, to ion water quality has become the influence of circuit board, electronic components product quality, production yield and production costs are one of the important factors, water quality requirements more and more is also high.In electronic components production, deionized water is used for cleaning water and used to make all kinds of solution, slurry, the use of pure water in different electronic components production and the requirement of water quality are also different.
  In the transistor, integrated circuit production, deionized water is mainly used for silicon wafer cleaning, otherwise a small amount is used for preparation of liquids, water vapor source of silicon oxide, part of the equipment of the cooling water, preparation of plating solution, etc.Integrated circuit the 80% of the working procedure in the process of production need to use highly purified water silicon wafer cleaning, water quality is good or bad relationship with the integrated circuit product quality and production yield is very large.Alkali metal (K, Na, etc.) in the water can make insulation membrane pressure bad, heavy metals (Au, Ag, Cu, etc.) will reduce PN junction voltage, Ⅲ group elements (B, Al, Ga, etc.) will worsen n-type semiconductor properties, Ⅴ group elements (P, As, Sb, etc.) will worsen p-type semiconductor features, after high temperature carbonization of phosphorus bacteria in water (about 20-50% of the ash) can make the P type silicon on the local area into n-type silicon and cause device performance is bad, the particles in the water (including bacteria) As adsorption in the surface of silicon wafer, or it could cause a short circuit characteristics.

circuit board PCB deionized water equipment

  Typical technological process:
  1.Using ion exchange method
  More than the original water tank to booster pump, automatic filter medium to activated carbon filter and automatic softening water, middle water tank to low pressure pump, the precision filter - Yang resin bed - Yin, Yin and Yang resin mixed bed resin bed - microporous filter - water points
  2.Adopt two-stage reverse osmosis method
  More than the original water tank to booster pump, automatic filter medium to full automatic activated carbon filter, automatic softening water - precision filter - level 1 reverse osmosis unit to PH adjustment, the secondary reverse osmosis host to pure water, pure water pump - microporous filter - water points
  3.The use of level 1 reverse osmosis EDI way,
  More than the original water tank to booster pump, automatic filter medium to full automatic activated carbon filter, automatic demineralized water device and precision filters - level 1 reverse osmosis unit - the middle water tank -   EDI water pump - EDI system - microporous filter - water points
  Effluent standards:
  American ASTM standard, conform to the China electronic industry ultrapure water national standard "GB/T1146.1-1997


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