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Water treatment Equipment > Photoelectric industry zl-gd001 with ultrapure water equipment

Photoelectric industry zl-gd001 with ultrapure water equipment
Source:Ultrapure water equipment   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-21

Photovoltaic industry with ultrapure water equipment

  Equipment parameters:
  Name: photovoltaic industry with ultrapure water equipment
  Model: zl-gd001
  Operating pressure: less than 1.6 (Mpa)
  Operating pressure: 0.3 (Mpa)
  Water resistivity: 18
  Water yield: 3
  Dimension: 1000 * 3000 (cm)
  Voltage: 380 (V)
  Quality: 200
  Power: 5.5 (w)
  Electrical conductivity: 10
  The desalination rate: 99.7 (%)
  Single output: 3 (/ h)
  The emerging optoelectronic materials production, processing and cleaning;LCD LCD, PDP plasma display panel, high quality lamp tube, microelectronics industry, large-scale, very large scale integrated circuit needs a large number of high pure water, ultrapure water cleaning semi-finished products and finished products.The higher the level of integration of the integrated circuit, and the higher requirement for water quality, it also simplicity of ultrapure water treatment technology and products, the degree of automation, the continuity of production, such as sustainability, puts forward the more strict requirements.
  Semiconductor materials, components, printed circuit boards and integrated circuits;
  LCD LCD, PDP plasma display panel;
  High quality picture tube, fluorescent powder production;
  Semiconductor materials, silicon wafer materials production, processing and cleaning;
  Ultrapure materials and pure chemical reagents, ultra pure chemical materials;
  Laboratory and pilot plant;
  Automobile, home appliances surface polishing treatment;
  Nurture photoelectric products;
  Do other high-tech subtle products;

Photoelectric industry ultrapure water equipment

  Photoelectric industry quality standard:
  My company electronic ultrapure water effluent is completely in line with the United States ASTM equipment level pure water water quality standard, the electronic industry in our country level water quality standards (18 M omega. Cm, 15 M omega. Cm, to 10 M. Omega cm, 2 M omega. Cm, 0.5 M omega. 5 cm), electronic industry high pure water for water quality standard in our country, the United States, Japan semiconductor industrial pure water index integrated circuit water quality standard, and large scale integrated circuit water quality standards at home and abroad.


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