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Water treatment Equipment > LCD liquid crystal display zl-xsq001 ultrapure water equipment

LCD liquid crystal display zl-xsq001 ultrapure water equipment
Source:Ultrapure water equipment   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-21

LCD ultrapure water equipment

  Equipment parameters:
  Name: LCD ultrapure water equipment
  Model: zl-xsq001
  Operating pressure: standard (Mpa)
  The water resistivity, according to user requirements
  Water yield: the standard
  Dimension: (cm) can be adjusted according to user space appropriate
  Voltage: 380 (V)
  Water quality: according to user requirements
  Power: the standard (w)
  Electrical conductivity: according to user requirements
  The desalination rate: 99.5 (%)
  Single output: standard (/ h)
  A basic description:
  LCD LCD, PDP plasma display panel, high quality lamp tube, microelectronics industry, FPC/PCB circuit boards, circuit boards, large, very large scale integrated circuit with a large number of high pure water, ultrapure water cleaning semi-finished products and finished products.The higher the level of integration of the integrated circuit, and the higher requirement for water quality, it also simplicity of ultrapure water treatment technology and products, the degree of automation, the continuity of production, such as sustainability, puts forward the more strict requirements.
  My company production of LED, LCD screen, LCD ultrapure water effluent is completely in line with the United States ASTM pure water water quality standard, the electronic industry in our country level water quality standards (18 M omega. Cm, 15 M omega. Cm, to 10 M. Omega cm, 2 M omega. Cm, 0.5 M omega. 5 cm), electronic industry high pure water for water quality standard in our country, the United States, Japan semiconductor industrial pure water index integrated circuit water quality standard, and large scale integrated circuit water quality standards at home and abroad.
  In equipment design, use mature, reliable, advanced, high degree of automation of two-stage RO + EDI, in addition to salt water treatment technology of the mixed bed, ensure the ultrapure water effluent water quality after handling the resistance rate of 18.2 M. Omega cm.Key equipment and materials adopt international mainstream advanced and reliable products, adopt PLC + touch screen control, a full set of system a high degree of automation, high system stability.Greatly save manpower cost and maintenance cost, high water utilization efficiency, reliable operation, economic and reasonable.The device compared with other similar products, have a higher cost performance and equipment reliability.


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