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Water treatment Equipment > Zl-hzp001 daily-use cosmetics use pure water equipment

Zl-hzp001 daily-use cosmetics use pure water equipment
Source:cosmetics use pure water equipment   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-18

Daily-use cosmetics use pure water equipment

  Equipment parameters:
  Name: daily-use cosmetics use pure water equipment
  Model: zl-hzp001
  Operating pressure: less than 1.6 (Mpa)
  Water resistivity: 5-18.2 million
  Water: 0.25-100 tons/hour
  Water quality: 15 to 18 m · CM omega
  Dimension: according to your size (cm)
  Voltage: 380 (V)
  Power: 2.2 K (w)
  Electrical conductivity: less than 10 us
  The desalination rate: 99.88 (%)
  Single output: 0.25 1000 t/h)
  The main reason for the daily cosmetics use pure water, deionized water,
  Cosmetics is a girl without articles for daily use, water is a very important part of cosmetics, not only has good solubility, it is important to embellish skin material.But some water or impurity ions can not only make the cream latex agglomerate, also can make the skin aging, so clean sterile water quality is the base to protect skin to taste agent solution, the quality of the water seriously affects the quality of the cosmetics and safe to use.Therefore, removal of impurities such as various ions in water, particle, is crucial to make it fully conforms to the requirement of ultrapure water.Ultrapure water equipment, water conductivity, of course, will be able to control in one to five microseconds per square centimeter, and cosmetics production enterprise.
  Most cosmetics generally pure water level to the requirement of deionized water, make the salinity has dropped below 1.0 mg/L, reduced to 1 ~ 10 mu s conductivity/cm < 20?0.1 ~ 1 ° C, or resistivity mu omega · cm >.Another make-up water requirement is minimal or no microorganisms.Cosmetics health standards: general cosmetics bacteria may not be greater than 1000 ml / 1000 a/g more or less;Eye oral oral mucosa in cosmetics and infants and children with the total number of bacteria may not be greater than 500 / g, and fecal coliform bacteria pseudomonas aeruginosa and staphylococcus aureus may not be checked out.Microbes will breed in the cosmetics, products of corruption as a result, produce unpleasant smell, product separation agglomerate, will cause harm to consumers.Any water cosmetics can breed bacteria, and the most common source of bacteria may be the water itself, therefore, must use the ultrapure water that no microbial production of tainted water (mainly raw materials with water) as the basis of the cosmetics production water.

Daily cosmetics with ultrapure water equipment

  According to the special requirements of cosmetics production water, water treatment process can be roughly divided into four kinds:
  The first: the Yang anion exchange resin in deionized water, usually by later, water conductivity can fall below 10 us/cm, then after mixed bed can reach 1 us/cm below.But this method make water cost is extremely high, and the particle impurity is too much, can not reach the ideal requirements.Is now less adopted.
  The second: pretreatment (i.e., sand carbon filter + precision filter) + reverse osmosis + mixed bed process
  This method is using the most, because of the reverse osmosis investment cost is not high, can remove 90% of the ions in water, has again through the exchange of the mixed bed to remove the rest of the ions, which can make the water conductivity: 5-10 us/cm.This is by far the most popular method.
  Third: using two-stage reverse osmosis, the process is as follows.
  Tap water to many medium filter, activated carbon filter to soften water, middle water tank to low pressure pump, the precision filter - level 1 reverse osmosis - PH adjustment to mixer, secondary ro (reverse osmosis membrane surface is positively charged) to pure water, pure water pump - microporous filter - water point;
  Fourth: pretreatment with reverse osmosis, as well as the second method is used to mix bed continuous desalination membrane block instead of using EDI, instead of soda acid regeneration resin, but renewable electricity.This will make the whole process of pollution-free, after processing, the water quality can reach more than 15 m.But the upfront investment of this approach is more, low running cost, according to the situation of the companies to make appropriate investment is best.The process is as follows.
  Raw water to many medium filter, activated carbon filter to soften water, middle water tank to low pressure pump, the PH value control system - efficient mixer - precision filter - efficient reverse osmosis - the middle water tank - EDI water pump - EDI system - microporous filter - water points

Cosmetics use pure water equipment


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