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Water treatment Equipment > Zl - dzs001 sachet water production line

Zl - dzs001 sachet water production line
Source:Water treatment technology center   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-08-31

Sachet water production line

  Equipment basic configuration:
  Name: sachet water production line
  Model: zl - dzs001
  3.2 power (kw)
  Filling Numbers 1
  Filling volume (5000-12000 ml)
  Apply high bottle See the instructions (mm)
  Applicable bottle diameter See the instructions (mm)
  Filling accuracy of 100 (%)
  Packing type bag
  The power supply voltage: 380 v / 220 v / 50 hz
  When the bag/production capacity: 600-600
  Film width: 750 mm
  The finished width: 360 mm
  The packing capacity: 12.5 kg or less
  The weight: 1200 kg
  Exterior size: 1470 mm * 1020 mm * 2100 mm

  Automatic production line for water filling machine is packaged bagged indispensable special equipment.Main device consists of frame, mechanical transmission system, film feeding into the membrane system, traction mechanism, washing membrane sterilization device, uv device, heat sealing cutting machine, filling equipment, etc.Adopt stainless steel material, conform to the requirements of the food production.Each process by Japan's matsushita PLC control center through touch screen using the computer program to accurately completed according to design requirements.The whole machine has a thin-film adjust device, automatic length measuring adjustment device, multichannel sterilization processing, machinery, mechanical transmission, no air pump, low noise, imports of electrical appliances, filling accuracy is high, the sealing unique health and firm, convenient and reliable operation, it is an ideal equipment of bagged water production.

  Technical parameters:




The packing method

Automatic forming packaging

The power supply voltage


work The rate of


Production capacity

600-600.When the bag /

The width of the film


The width of the finished product


The packing capacity


The weight


Installation dimensions




  Device features:
  (1) bag forming
  (2) ultraviolet sterilization
  (3) the vertical seam heat sealing
  (4) the date of synthetic
  (5) line traction bag
  (6) quantitative filling
  (7) joints heat sealing
  (8) to cut off the bag
  (9) automatic counting

  Preventive maintenance and
  Preventive maintenance and
    When the device is to stop using immediately with water rinse the residual liquid in the pipeline, or after the residual liquid metamorphic will affect next flight quality of the products, if necessary, should be unloaded infusion plastic work ShuaLa brush MAO, and try to wipe clean the machine in time, keep dry clean.
    Per shift periodically check all moving parts and lubrication state, and # 20 lubricating oil or lithium base grease.Otherwise it will seriously affect the service life of the machine.
    Per shift regular check, clear clean horizontal heat sealing copper piece of end face of foreign body, there is no scaling phenomenon, otherwise, easy to cause the loss of thermal conductivity, copper piece of higher temperature, horizontal heat sealing a thermal cutting bag not normal.
    Found abnormal situation, should immediately cut off the power, out of the rear can be used again.
    Production in winter, when air temperature is below 0 ℃, must use hot water to melt ice content of metering pump and the pipeline, otherwise will cause connecting rod broken, or machine cannot be started.
    This machine is used for single piece of plastic film thickness shall be 80 microns, and shall ensure that the film tensile strength, thickness uniformity, lubricity, each volume weight should be controlled under 18 kg (320 ㎜), (240 mm) under 14 kg.Horizontal heat sealing temperature under 260 ℃, if not use native monolithic recommended by plastic film caused by poor heat sealing, or broken bag rate increased, the responsibility, please user conceit.
    Automatic forming packaging packaging method


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