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Water treatment Equipment > Zl - kqs001 mineral water equipment

Zl - kqs001 mineral water equipment
Source:Water treatment technology center   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-08-31

  Equipment basic configuration:
12.5 power (kw)
Shape size 3900 * 3200 * 3500 mm
Filling quotas 40
Filling volume (150-3500 ml)
Applicable bottle high (150-360 mm)
Applicable bottle diameter of 50-125 (mm)
Production capacity of 320-320 (cans/min)
Filling accuracy of 99 (%)
Packing type bottle

  Equipment characteristics:
The set of washing bottle, filling and capping machine as a whole.
On artificial bottle, through the wind to send into the washing bottle location, rushed clips bottle bottle clamp, along the bottle orbit flip 180 ° and pumps, the bottles by water to wash, then along the bottle orbit drain while turn 180 degrees, is bottle conveying, have delivery into the filling station, located in in the form of hang bottle filling machine hoisting mechanism of card bottleneck do.Lifted bottle, filling and pressing.In the process of lifting, check if there is a bottle card bottleneck board.If a bottle, the filling process began, in a bottle into soy sauce.If there is no bottle, the corresponding valves remain closed.After filling, bottles of hoisting mechanism to drop, filling the bottle after bottle by filling out the star wheel to the screw cap machine for screw cap and screw cap after the beverage bottle by the star wheel to touch the bottle conveyor belt.
In addition, this machine also has the following advantages:
1. The wind to send high polymer material in alternative stainless steel guardrail and bottle, avoid the wear and tear of bottle
2. With the method of tiny negative pressure filling pure water or mineral water, higher yield, more smoothly
3. The screw cap machine out cover part adopts nursing bottle orbit, different bottle replacement is more convenient, and screw cap out is not easy to fall down
4. Increase the hot pot, balance pressure, liquid level more accurate!


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