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Water treatment Equipment > Zl-hys001 QS certification laboratory equipment

Zl-hys001 QS certification laboratory equipment
Source:pure water equipment   Author:zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-12

   Equipment basic configuration:
  Name: QS certification laboratory equipment
  Model: zl - hys001
  Inlet diameter: 32 (mm)
  Water rate: 5000
  Pressure of work: 3.0 (psi)
  Voltage: 220 V + 10% (V)
  Water temperature: 126 ~ 129 ℃)
  Appearance: 610 * 530 * 1770
  The input power: 0.55 KW
  This product is made from the built-in immersion heating tube as a source of heat, specific conditions, can also be external fire heating, pressure saturated steam sterilization disinfection, sterilization effect is reliable, nurturing light, use the method is simple, beautiful appearance, durable wait for an advantage, is the medical and health care, scientific research units for operation equipment, dressings, utensils, medium disinfection, such as the ideal equipment of superior quality and competitive price.
  As long as the timer switch rotation by the requirement, sterilizer can realize the function of heating and heat preservation time, arrival time of heat preservation, can automatically cut off the heating power and a small bell tip end of sterilization.

  Main structure features:
  1.This product is all stainless steel, carefully made use of advanced technology means.
  2.The built-in submerged electric heating tube, high thermal efficiency.
  3.The sterilization process by the pressure relief valve controller, pressure, heat preservation, the use of safe and reliable.
  4.The double scribed line on the lid pressure gauge can show the internal working pressure and temperature.
  5.Bakelite star nut when the lid is not hot, and easy to operate, without special tools.
  6.Y type silicon rubber sealing ring, good sealing effect, long service life.
  7.With an "A" type of sterilizer, A small drain valve.
  8.With "*" type of sterilizer's actual storage on the basis of the original model increased 5 liters.


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