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Water treatment Equipment > Zl - wjcj001 QS certification aseptic filling workshop

Zl - wjcj001 QS certification aseptic filling workshop
Source:Water treatment technology center   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-08-31

Qs certification aseptic workshop

QS certification aseptic filling workshop


   Equipment basic configuration:
  Name: QS certification aseptic filling workshop
  Model: zl - wjcj001
  Alias: product aseptic workshop
  Air purification technology: the other
  Power: 1500 (Kw)
  Process air volume: 300 (m3 / h)
  Purification rate: 98 (%)
  Noise: 0 (dB)
  Applicable fields: pure water, food factory
  Purification workshop structure material
  1. The purification workshop wall, roof plate more commonly using 50 mm thick sandwich choi steel manufacturing, its characteristic is beautiful, strong rigidity.Arc corner, door and window frames usually manufactured special aluminum oxide
  2. The ground can use artesian ping epoxy floor paint or senior plastic floor wear-resisting, anti-static requirements, can choose type antistatic.
  3. Back to the wind pipe made from hot cross the zinc plate, stick to purify insulation flame retardant PF foam plastic plate with good effect.
  4. Efficient air supply outlet with stainless steel frame, beautiful and clean, punching sheet with aluminum plate of the lacquer that bake, no rust, sticky dust should be clean
  Purification parameters
  Air changes: a level 100000 15 times or more;Level 10000 or 20 times;30 1000 or greater.
  Differential pressure: the main workshop of adjacent room 5 pa or average wind speed: 10, 100, 0.3 to 0.5 m/s;
  Temperature 16 ℃; winter >Summer < 26 ℃;Fluctuation plus or minus 2 ℃.Temperature 45-65%;
  It is advisable to GMP powder workshop humidity is around 50%;Electronic workshop humidity is slightly higher lest produce static electricity.
  Noise of 65 db (A) or less;
  Fresh air make-up is 10% - 10% of total supply air;
  Illumination 300 lx
  Purification principle
  Airflow to early effect and purify air conditioning, the effect of purifying - fan air - pipe to efficiently purify tuyere, blow into the room to take away the dust particles such as bacteria, early return air shutter and purification
  Repeat the above process, can achieve purification.

Qs certification aseptic workshop

  Physical purification
  Adsorption filtration, activated carbon activated carbon is a porous material containing carbon, it has a highly developed pore structure, the porous structure of activated carbon with large surface area, can contact fully with gas (impurities), thus giving the peculiar to the activated carbon adsorption performance, make it very easy to achieve the purpose of absorption collected impurities.Just as a magnet, all have mutual attraction between molecules   Disadvantages: ordinary activated carbon adsorption toxic gas, so don't low efficiency, easy to take off the attached.
  2. The mechanical Filter, HEPA net HEPA (High efficiency particulate air Filter), the Chinese meaning for High efficiency air Filter, reach the standard HEPA filters, about 0.3 micron efficiency reached 99.998%, HEPA net is the feature of air can pass, but cannot pass tiny particles.HEPA filter by a pile of folding of the before and after continuous glass fiber membrane, the formation of wavy gaskets are used to support filter placement and quality.
  Electrostatic purification methods
  Working principle: using high voltage electrostatic adsorption principle.Electrostatic is using high voltage electrostatic adsorption dust removal principle of work.Electrostatic field of the cathode lines under the action of high voltage electrostatic, produce corona discharge, corona layer is formed in a large number of negative ions, negative ions under the action of electrostatic field, and constantly to the anode.When the dust in the air by the electric field and dust by the collision of the anion take charge and take charge of dust after also has the effect of electrostatic field, the anode (dust collection pole) movement, release charge after arrived at the anode.
  Weakness: the fly ash can be removed (cannot remove poison gas), the efficiency is lower than mechanical, slow, and easy to produce ozone, this model is rated as the worst purifier as American markets.
  Chemical formula purification methods
  Photocatalytic method 1.
  Working principle: air through photocatalytic air purification device, light catalyst under the irradiation of light itself doesn't change, but can promote chemical reaction material harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene in the air under the action of photocatalytic degradation, generate non-toxic harmless substance, and the bacteria in the air was also get rid of ultraviolet light, result in air purification.Disadvantages: broad spectrum but need air flow rate is low, purify the speed is slow and has certain radiation to human body, in the United States and Europe are tide way of purification.
  2. The formaldehyde scavenger
  Working principle: chemicals and formaldehyde is adopted to chemical reaction, to achieve the objective of the removal of formaldehyde
    Chemical reaction types: react with formaldehyde to produce carbon dioxide and water, such as ammonia, etc.
    Classes: made from can react with formaldehyde to biological agents, such as urea, soy protein, amino acids, etc.;
    Plants: made from plant extracts, such as aloe vera, tea extract, etc.;
    The enclosing class: the film-forming material, forming a layer of thin film to prevent formaldehyde release, such as chitosan, liquid paraffin, etc
  Faults: a, chemical reaction generated after the material is likely to cause secondary pollution. Practice often appears twice in the process of testing the phenomenon of excessive, two, is without changing the chemical composition on the basis of absorption of formaldehyde, reduce the formaldehyde content in air, but this way take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, formaldehyde to release again.
  3. The potion, catalysis - cold catalyst essence
  Working principle: cold catalyst, also called natural catalyst, is after the photocatalytic deodorant air purification materials, a new type of air purification materials, can be at room temperature under the condition of catalytic reaction, make a variety of harmful relish under atmospheric pressure gas breaks down into harmless tasteless substance, from a mere physical adsorption into chemical adsorption, adsorption and decomposition, dispel formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, toluene, TVOV harmful gases, such as water and carbon dioxide generated, in the process of catalytic reaction, cold catalyst itself is not directly involved in the reaction, reaction after cold catalyst not change not lost, play a role for a long time.Non-toxic, non-corrosive, cold catalyst itself does not burn, reaction product into water and carbon dioxide, does not produce secondary pollution, greatly extend the service life of the adsorption material.
  Other purification methods
  1. The washing method
  Indoor, quickly and efficiently removing indoor toxin biological, dust, cigarette smoke, the smell, virus, etc., and generate a lot of fresh oxygen.
  2.Hydroxy anion anion method after contact with the harmful gas of floating in the air can restore from atmospheric pollutants, nitrogen oxides, cigarettes and other produce reactive oxygen species (oxygen free radicals, reducing excessive reactive oxygen species to the harm of human body;And after the positively charged air fly ash without charge settlement, make the air purification.

QS certification aseptic workshop


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