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Water treatment Equipment > Zl - tzs001 bottled water production line

Zl - tzs001 bottled water production line
Source:Water treatment technology center   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-08-31

Bottled water production line

  Equipment basic configuration:
  Name: bottled water production line
  Model: zl - tzs001
  Categories: drinking water equipment
  Model: QGF450
  Voltage: 380 (V)
  Power: 5.1 (kw)
  The damage: 0.1 (%)
  Filling capacity: 450 bottles/hour)
  Product use: the production of bottled water
  Dimension: 4940 * 2100 * 2100 (mm) (mm)
  Net weight: 2000 (kg)
  Packing: packed in 304 stainless steel

  Automatic bottled water filling production line is suitable for the production of 3 gallons, 5 gallons (18.9 L), and other big barrel of water capacity.At present, according to the demand of the market, the company to provide bottled water production line equipment production of up to 150 barrels, 300 b / 450, 450 barrels, barrels, 750 barrels, 750 ~ 2000 barrels/b /.
  Automatic bottled water filling production line equipment include: automatic drawing machine, bucket within the leak detection equipment, automatic brush barrels outside brush barrels machines, automatic machine, automatic bucket device, into/out of bucket conveyor, bottled water filling machine, automatic machine, on-line barrel cover disinfection machines, automatic inspection equipment, sets of film machine, steam shrink film machine, pail bagging machine, stacker crane.
  The bottled water production line of various equipment according to the following brief description:
  Automatic drawing machine: empty barrel recycling generally come from different environment, such as schools, construction site, office building, its pollution degree is different, for badly polluted empty barrels, before entering the bottled water production line, the need for human empty barrels cleaning accordingly.Under the conveyor chain drive, the empty barrels into the automatic drawing machine, bucket signal in place after the LIDS immediately move down, pull to pull out cover of empty barrels, and use the wind system, the lid blow in the location specified, recycled after recycling.
  Bucket leak detection device: to detect the existence of a bucket, mainly through to blow of ladle, and watch the pressure gauge, once the pressure has fallen sharply, that empty barrels loophole, will leave the barrels bottled water production line, avoid to produce defective products.The actual production process, the gas consumption is large, generally suitable for large scale of bottled water during, for small-scale bottled water manufacturers, its actual meaning is not big.
  Automatic brush barrels machines: used to scrub on the inner surface of the bucket bucket after entering, brush barrels machines, once the number of empty barrels signal in place, the clamping device, the empty barrel stationary, followed by cylinder starting, drive the brush rod slowly down deep inside empty barrels, brush pole position, motor starting, driving brush pole rotate 360 degrees, have a hole in the outer surface of the brush rod design, brush the surface of the water to the bucket in the spinning process, for a comprehensive range of cleaning barrel inside.
  Automatic brush barrels machines: used for the outer surface of the bucket, and are at the bottom of the scrubbing, empty barrels after entering outside brush barrels machines, once the number of empty barrels signal in place, barrel device immediately action, push the barrels to brush, then, motor drive the brush rotate 360 degrees, and aim at the empty barrel location of the sprinkler head start injection, the empty barrel at the bottom of the outer surface and a full range of cleaning.
Automatic bucket device: through the cylinder action, automatically empty barrels into bottled water filling machine inside.
  Bottled water filling machine: set of disinfection, washing, filling and capping at an organic whole, its working process in the order: two thermal spray disinfectant wash, a drip dry, two low concentration of disinfectant spray cleaning under normal temperature, a drip dry, two back to water spray, a drip dry, two finished water jet wash, a drip dry, in the process, barrels of external also use the corresponding spray cleaning spray head, by lifting device, all the spray head upward, deep inside empty barrels, barrels internally a thorough disinfection, spray cleaning.Through the barrel device will automatically for cleaning after filling the empty barrels into position, and filling, overflow in the process of water will flow back to the pure water tank, avoid the waste of the finished water.After filling the VAT by transmission chain belt in its cover and seal.
  On-line barrelhead disinfection machine: through the automatic machine cover the lid to cover device, reasonable GaiQi design has the photoelectric detection device, the control on the machine at the start and stop, realize the lack of cover, cover machine start, full cover, cover machine stop.By Richard straighten out the lid cover device, which in turn into the barrel cover disinfection machine internal slide, under the action of wind, in order to move forward, in the process of the lid, in turn, disinfectant spray, back flush, the finished water wash, air dry in turn into the way, after waiting for cover.Compared with the traditional way of sterilization, saves the manpower, high automatic degree and the lid to avoid the secondary contact with air, effectively improve the quality of bottled aquatic products.
  Light inspection equipment: the human eye to detect bottled water inside presence of impurities, eliminate defects and provides consumers with health, safety cans of aquatic products.
  Mantle machine: by this device can be automatically set to the barrel mouth membrane, instead of artificial membrane, commonly used in large-scale bottled water during delivery.
  The steam shrink film machine, high temperature steam produced by electric heating way, and by using high temperature steam shrink barrels mouth membrane, tightly attached to the barrel surface.
  Pail bagging machine, automatic lift barrels, makes barrels hanging in the sky, is advantageous for the artificial will sack in bottled water surface.
  Stacker crane: automatically finished bottled aquatic products, according to the set procedures, in turn, piled up bottled water, greatly reduce the manpower.


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