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Water treatment Equipment > Zl - tzs002 bottled water production line

Zl - tzs002 bottled water production line
Source:Water treatment technology center   Author:zhonglan  Release time:2015-08-31

Bottled water production line

Bottled water production line

   Equipment basic configuration:
  Name: bottled water production line
  Model: zl - tzs002
  Power (kw) of 17
  Shape size 1800 * 6800 * 1800
  Filling Numbers 4
  Applicable bottle high (350-500 mm)
  Applicable bottle diameter 40-50 (mm)
  Packing type bucket
  The working principle of atmospheric
  The applicable objects of mineral water, purified water
  Applicable industries food

  The overall is made of stainless steel plate, laser cutting, processing and forming at a time.
  Wash barrels of the main transmission chain track: USES the high quality standard of 304 stainless steel chain.Chain under article containing ptfe gasket, wear small, running water is small, easy installation and high speed, long service life.Transmission power by gas driving ratchet structure.A cylinder, a back and forth, wash bucket chain drive 5 gallon bucket of a location, accurate, smooth operation.Drum transmission chain plate using laser cutting, high strength.5 gallon bucket of accurate positioning,
Drum way according to the request of the buyer provide the washing barrel, main chain cylinder design is reasonable, the smooth promotion, coordination, maintenance and convenient adjustment.Wash for the pressure in the flushing, spray evenly, bucket wall are with pressure water spray, each nozzle testing hydraulic pressure is 0.25 MPa above;Outside the spray cleaning every working procedure.Flushing pressure gauge are installed on pipe, washing pressure observation.
  Circulation water tank: portable, can be individually for each tank to move out and clean;And visual level, low level protection detection;All the tank must be concave bottom, side drain valve, drainage is convenient;All the water tank is equipped with charging hopper, and equipped with double layer (the first 400 mesh, the second layer 100 mesh) mesh, while working to clean or replace;Mesh filter circulating water and add liquid filtration;Each tank has a stainless steel added manually feed water system;Bottles of water pipe using removable structure.
  Lye and medicine to wash the water tank: 2.5 mm thick 304 l stainless steel.Lye water tank is equipped with electric heater, using heat preservation cotton to ensure that the heating temperature is 80 ℃, and is equipped with temperature control device, can adjust the display heating water tank temperature control, directly (with metal thermometer);Alkaline cleaning, disinfection machine at the top of the bucket shape extraction device and extraction in 90 DHS stainless steel pipe, and drew water vapor, and ensure the normal flow direction;Tuyere location and diameter size is appropriate, to ensure that hot alkali extraction effect of steam and disinfectant smell;(note: to consider the local temperature, design enough heating element).According to the requirements of the buyer's use traffic data and process design of lye and disinfectant tank volume, is more advantageous to the buyer to save energy and waste liquid, reduce the cost of operation and management.
  Rinse water pump: the German wheeler pumps.Rinse water pump with each have operated directional three-way valve, automatic control drum time, ensure the pump not frequent start, don't make the pump produces zero flow of high pressure, so as to improve the conditions of use of water pump, improve the service life of the pump.And circulating water tank equipped with butterfly valve, easy to maintenance;
  Inside the drum machine: each side drum process is equipped with lighting tubes, in order to observe effect of drum;Blow with blower, 5 gallon bucket bottom water, reduce the running water.In addition, each working procedure is equipped with double transparent water, to make the leap into water problems were solved.
  Wash barrels process: detail (can be designed according to the requirements of the buyer drum location) : 1 the tao drip dry - 2 45 ℃ to 65 ℃ hot alkaline reflux water - > 2 - > 1 tao disinfectant wash - 2 way finished water - 1 drip dry.
  Level of drum machine barrel way: out of the barrel.Rinse clean out of the barrel, barrel level on double barrel frame, and then turn into erect, then barrels, push the bottle in the process of no drip drip into the bottle, the drum machine off barrel is equipped with uv germicidal lamp, further ensure the washing bucket aseptic environment.
  Filling valve structure: filling valve design for my company independent innovation, using 304 l material, stainless steel casting processing, no dead Angle lens face processing.A sealing ring and guide ring, avoid friction between metal, stable and reliable use.Cylinder filling way, filling valve action accurate, reliable, up and down not misoperation, it adopt mechanical control, low cost and convenient maintenance, stable operation.Replace the seal should be convenient, simple and quick.
  Filling principle: the second filling is complete.New filling valve, filling valve is in the process of filling, when detecting switch have barrels, cylinder upward movement, turning in pneumatic valve, water filling cylinder action down, open the filling valve start filling;When filling the time signal input to the PLC, filling inlet valve closing, small flow continues to add filling two seconds, after filling, filling cylinder upward movement, filling valve automatically shut down;Then starts conveyor chain, 5 gallon bucket by the conveyor chain, to the block.Controlled by time relay, achieve accurate liquid level and not water, waste not finished water, bottle does not go up the optimal filling effect
  Filling filling parameters: the utilization rate of 90% or higher, loss of 1% or less, filling capacity up to par () within the prescribed scope of plus or minus 5 mm, no difference between the liquid level.
  Richard cover device: has a storage box, rotary GaiQi.
  Gland way: the cylinder type gland.To ensure the cover sealing;
  Near the site operation: filling machine installation site operation screen, realize the local control, display filling line working condition, and has a separate manual control functions;When fault occurs, can show the fault (such as motor, liquid level, etc.) and the cause of the problem, and a sound and light alarm, and selective closed system depending on the alarm level, to maximize the protection of safety equipment.


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