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Water treatment Equipment > Zl-EDI001 EDI module

Zl-EDI001 EDI module
Source:water treatment technology center   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-17

Reverse osmosis water treatment EDI module

  Equipment parameters:
  Name: EDI module
  Model: zl-EDI001
  Operating pressure: 0.1 0.4 (Mpa)
  The water resistivity, 16-18.25 M omega?The cm
  Water: 0.5 T/H
  Dimensions: 30.5 * 32 * 66 (cm)
  Voltage: 0-100 (V)
  Water quality: 0.05 us
  Power: 250-350 (w)
  Electrical conductivity: 0.05 us
  The desalination rate: 99.9 (%)
  Single output: 3000 (/ h)
  EDI (company - deionization EDI for short) is a kind of ion exchange technology, ion exchange membrane technology and ion migration technology (electrodialysis technology) with the combination of pure water manufacturing techniques.The technology using ion exchange can deep desalting to overcome polarization and electrodialysis desalination is not complete, and use of polarization and electrodialysis water and electricity produced from H and OH ions resin after regeneration failure to overcome the resin by chemical regeneration of defects, is a new technology of emerging since 1980 s.After more than ten years of development, EDI technology has been in North America and Europe represents a part of the ultrapure water market.EDI device belongs to the fine processing water system, more commonly used with reverse osmosis (RO), and of pretreatment, reverse osmosis, EDI device ultrapure water treatment system, and replace the traditional water treatment technology of mixed ion exchange equipment.EDI device into the water requirement for resistivity for 0.025 0.5 M · cm omega, reverse osmosis device can completely meet the requirements.EDI device can produce resistance rate is as high as more than 18 m · cm omega ultrapure water.
  EDI is a revolutionary water treatment technology, it will subtly electrodialysis and ion exchange technology, without acid and alkali, and for making high quality of pure water.It has advanced technology, simple operation, good environmental properties, represents a direction of the industry.It is a revolutionary water treatment technology progress, marked the final water treatment industry comprehensive enter the ranks of the green industry.EDI device by booster pump, electric ion (EDI) membrane block, dc regulated power supply, flow meter, meter, etc.Qualified RO water production by the booster pump into EDI system, EDI mixed ion exchange resin in the membrane reactor will continue to remove the anion and cation in the raw water, and through the current of the film will be in the vicinity of Yin and Yang film of water molecules to produce hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions ionized hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions mix regeneration of ion exchange resin, and the anion, cation exchange down after inverse diffusion respectively by Yang and Yin membranes into the thick water, part of the strong water back to maintain strong water conductivity, another part of the concentrated water and water straight into the gutter.Electric regeneration process make the EDI system is neither need to also do not need the traditional regeneration equipment downtime can achieve continuous production of high quality deionized water.

Reverse osmosis water treatment EDI module

  EDI electric deionized each other three conditions:
  1.After reverse osmosis pure water production water EDI pure water chamber, ion in water with ion exchange resin in the ion exchange, EDI module to out from the water;
  2.The water pressure, such as less than 0.2 Mpa to add pipe pump on the exchange of ions by electrical attraction, cation through the migration of cation exchange membrane to the cathode, anion through the Yin from child exchange membrane on the anode, and into the thick water chamber and from fresh water to remove;
  3.Water molecule in the electric was constantly under the action of dissociation of H + and OH -, H + and OH - will make consumed Yang and anion exchange resin regeneration.
  Advantages of EDI:
  1.Don't need to stop regeneration, the continuous production of high pure water water quality stability;
  2.The operation is stable and reliable, reduces the operation and maintenance costs;
  3.The cleaner production, no waste water treatment problems, conducive to environmental protection.
  4.A high degree of automation, easy maintenance, can be designed to improve the membrane technology of high pure water production line.
  5.Don't need to send specialized personnel guards, easy to realize automation equipment control;
  6.Equipment cover an area of an area small, reduce construction area, cut down the cost of site construction investment.
  7.Without alkali regeneration, no chemicals used, acid and alkali waste water discharge, the production process without any pollution, clean production;
  8.Control system can be used according to customer's specific requirements for personalized design, combining with advanced control software, centralized monitoring important process operating parameters, the field and avoid artificial wrong operation, ensure the long-term stable operation of the system.


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