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Water treatment Equipment > Water pump zl-sb001

Water pump zl-sb001
Source:water treatment technology center   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-17

The water pump

  Equipment parameters:
  Name: water pump
  Model: zl-sb001
  Material: wear-resistant alloy
  Performance: wear-resisting
  Purpose: sewage pump, impurity pump
  Driving mode: electric
  Medium: sewage pump, impurity pump
  Pump shaft position: horizontal
  Impeller structure: closed impeller
  Impeller suction way: single suction
  Traffic: 1648 (m3 / h)
  The number of impeller: 1
  Head: 73.6 (m)
  NPSH: 5.7 (m)
  Suction diameter: 350 (mm)
  Discharge diameter: 300 (mm)
  Structure principle: jet pump
  Series: single-stage
  Weight: 5000 (kg)
  Voltage: 380 (V)
  Power: 500 (kw)
  Specification: 300 what zj had - I - A90

The water pump

  This pump used in hydraulic design, structural design, and wear-resistant materials, integrated application of the advantages of similar products at home and abroad and innovation, with high efficiency and energy saving, little vibration, low noise, reliable operation, long service life, convenient maintenance, etc.
  Structure features:
  This pump is mainly composed of the impeller and volute, back plate, shaft sleeve, support, support plate, shaft, bearing, bearing body parts, etc.After the impeller and volute, guard plate is made of high chromium alloy cast iron, impeller and shaft adopts screw connection, spiral case with bolt coupling, bracket, bearing body, pump shaft and motor shaft coupling can be used straight league or belt transmission, bearing with grease lubrication, no shaft seal for pump.
  Pump head parts including pump casing, impeller and shaft seal device.Pump head and bracket with bolt connection.The outlet of the pump location according to 45 ° rotation installation used eight different angles.
  Pump casing is double hull structure.Outer layer of metal pump shell (before the pump shell, after the pump shell), its material is usually for HT200 or QT500-7;High chromium alloy cast iron making available the inner shell (including the spiral case, the former guard, guard after), or made of rubber (including the spiral case before and after the volute).
  Impeller is made of high chromium alloy cast iron, the front cover, back HouGaiBan, blade, blade.Leaf blade for twisted blade, there are usually 3-6.Distribution of blade back on the outer edge of the front cover and HouGaiBan, usually eight gold.Impeller and shaft for the threaded connection.
  Shaft seal device have vice impeller combination + packing seal, packing seal, mechanical seal type.
  Vice impeller combination + packing seal of stuffing box, vice impeller, seal ring, packing, packing gland, and shaft sleeve.
  Packing seal type of stuffing box, interval sets, water seal ring, packing, packing gland, and shaft sleeve.
  Mechanical seal type by stuffing box, interval set, mechanical seal, gland, and shaft sleeve.
  Both open-type and cylinder bracket parts have a level of structure.


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