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Water treatment Equipment > Water quality monitoring instrument zl-jcy001

Water quality monitoring instrument zl-jcy001
Source:the water quality monitoring instrument   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-17

Water quality monitoring instrument

  Equipment parameters:
  Name: water quality monitoring instrument
  Model: zl-jcy001
  The test items: COD
  Type: water quality on-line analyzer
  Measuring range: 0-1000 mg/l
  Accuracy: 5% or less
  Power supply voltage: 220 v
  Resolution: less than 1 mg/L
  Applicable industry: water laboratory, the centers for disease control and prevention, aquaculture industry, hospital, swimming pool
  Processing custom:
  Usage: used for measurement of COD in 10-30000 mg/L range wastewater
  Water quality detector, professional instrument for water quality analysis of component content, mainly refers to: measuring the water BOD, COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, turbidity, PH, dissolved oxygen instrument.

Water quality monitoring instrument

  Product features:
  1.The calibration function: with automatic, manual for zero and span calibration (blank and calibration), in the automatic state can be calibrated according to certain cycle.
  2.The automatic cleaning function: measurement start, end, two automatic cleaning pretreatment device, sampling tube road, instrument piping, valves and other components.
  3.The control function of the external mining pump: external can automatically control the pump start and stop.
  4.Protection function: with functions of cutting off power and water protection and automatic recovery and other automatic protection function, reliable grounding, grounding resistance 4 ohms or less.
  5.Alarm function: a system failure, power outages, lack of reagent and sample deficiency, lack of distilled water and testing data overweight abnormal situations such as automatic alarm function.
  6.Alarm relay output function: when the measured concentration of water samples more than set parameters, with functions of relay contact output.
  7.Special core parts: high sensitivity photometric detection system high stability, high precision sampling mechanism, pressure digestion system, lack of reagent alarm function.
  8.Manual or automatic measurement: off-line manual, automatic offline, online automatic measurement.
  9.Communication protocol: unified according to the requirements of the buyer.
  10.Output: simulation (4 ~ 20, 0 to 20 ma, 0 ~ 5 v), digital (RS232 or RS485), according to the need to increase the analog sampling quantity unit.

Water quality monitoring instrument

  Technical parameters:
  Measuring principle: potassium dichromate heat dispelling, colorimetric determination.
  Measuring range: 0-1000 mg/l (or 0 - > 1000 mg/l), can according to customer's need to expand the range.
  Measurement mode: COD on-line automatic monitoring.
  Measurement cycle: 20 points.
  Shows: 5.6 -inch color LCD screen (COD mg/l), 640 * 480 resolution.
  Correction: instrument can timing for sensitivity and zero point correction.
  Analog output: 0/4-20 ma;
  Accuracy: 5% or less
  Repeatability: 2% or less
  Resolution: < 1 mg/L
  Zero drift: plus or minus 3% F.S
  Span drift: plus or minus 5% F.S
  Ability to resist chloride ion interference: range is 100 mg/L, resistance to chlorine ion concentration of 1000 mg/L;Range is 200 mg/L, resistance to chlorine ion concentration of 2000 mg/L;A range of 500 mg/L, resistance to chlorine ion concentration of 5000 mg/L.Range is 1000 mg/L, resistance to chlorine ion concentration of 1200 mg/L;A range of 5000 mg/L, resistance to chlorine ion concentration of 6000 mg/L
  Less reagents: testing the required test dose, reduce operating costs.
  Instrument working temperature: 0-50 ℃
  Instrument working power supply: voltage 220 vac + / - 10%;Frequency 50 hz + / - 5%;Power is less than 100 w
  Instrument relative humidity: 85% RH or less
  An abnormal working state alarm prompt.


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