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Water treatment Equipment > Scale inhibitor z-zgj001 water disposal reagents

Scale inhibitor z-zgj001 water disposal reagents
Source:Water treatment agent scale inhibitors   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-17

Water treatment agent scale inhibitors

  Equipment parameters:
  Name: water treatment scale inhibitor
  Model: zl-zgj001
  Chemical composition: organic phosphonic compounds, zinc base water
  Application: water treatment scale inhibitor
  Type: the corrosion scale inhibitor
  Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid
  Effective substance content: 30 (%)
  Content: 30 (%)
  PH range of use: 1.0 0.5
  Reference usage: 60-80 parts per million
  Quality indicators:
  Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid
  Total phosphorus (P043 - meter) content % : 15. O + / - 1.0
  Total bowl (with Zn2) content % : 5. O + / - 1.0
  G/cm3 density (20 ℃) : 1.20 + / - 0.05 or higher
  Aqueous solution PH (1%) : 1. 0.5 O soil

Water treatment agent scale inhibitors

  The corrosion scale inhibitor is mainly composed of 'deepened acid, sulfonate copolymer and zinc salt, etc.Not only has good scale inhibition effect to the carbonate scale, and form a thin layer on the surface of carbon steel and copper mass and density of the corrosion protective film, effectively inhibit the corrosion of carbon steel and copper.
  Most of industrial circulating cooling water system in stainless steel as the main material, but the system of scaling and corrosion problems need special attention.The role of efficient scale inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor is used to mitigate and inhibit the formation of scale and slow down the corrosion in the system.
  The use of the corrosion scale inhibitor and the matters needing attention when using:
  1.Pay attention in the use of scale inhibitor dosing dose is 200 g/t
  2.Use the corrosion scale inhibitor will pay attention to drainage, it is best to each an hour at a time, incident to 5 ~ 10 seconds at a time.
  3.If the boiler has a dirt can increase drug dosage, and at the same time increasing drainage, so that after 10 ~ 20 days or so can stop furnace, let staff manual clean off the dirt after, then can run normally.


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