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Water treatment Equipment > In addition to iron manganese equipment zl - ctm001 stainless steel groundwate

In addition to iron manganese equipment zl - ctm001 stainless steel groundwate
Source:Water treatment technology center   Author:zhonglan  Release time:2015-08-31

Stainless steel groundwater iron manganese equipment

Stainless steel groundwater iron manganese equipment

    Equipment basic parameters:
    Name: groundwater iron manganese stainless steel equipment
    Model: zl - ctm001
    Inlet diameter: 4000 (mm)
    Water rate: 10
    Job stress: 6 (psi)

  Product introduction:
  Most nature of water to a certain amount of impurities, such as silt, clay and organic matter, inorganic salt, microorganism, mechanical impurities, etc., the presence of these impurities, seriously affect the water quality of modern residents, groundwater treatment mainly for the purpose of removing iron and manganese, ammonia nitrogen, harmful material such as sand, scale, make after processing, the water quality meet the national drinking water standards.

  A, filtration equipment in use in the processing of groundwater
  Introduction to the groundwater in the filter
  More medium filter is to use one or several of filter medium, under certain pressure of high turbidity water by a certain thickness of granular or the grain materials, effective to remove suspended impurities from the water clarification process of commonly used filter material such as quartz sand, anthracite coal, manganese sand, activated carbon, it is mainly used for processing the water turbidity, chroma, visible to the naked eye, such as impurity particles, often as demineralized water, pure water level before the pretreatment, such as water turbidity can be up to 3 degrees.
  Many medium filtering equipment use:
  Filter out the suspended solids in the water, mechanical impurity, organic matters, such as mud, thus reduce the turbidity of water;Adsorption and removal of the pigment in the water, organic matter, colloid, odor, residual chlorine and some heavy metal ions and microorganisms, which can increase, the purpose of purifying water quality.

  Second, the process of groundwater in addition to iron and manganese
  1, the harm of groundwater iron and manganese
  Our country is rich in groundwater resources, many of which the underground water containing excessive amounts of iron and manganese, referred to as the iron manganese content of groundwater.
  Clear the natural ground, iron mainly soluble bivalent iron ions.Local bail to ground water after it is exposed to air, iron groundwater is no longer clear and transparent and become a "when".This is due to ferrous iron ions in the groundwater oxidation by oxygen in the air, produce orange iron hydroxide Fe (OH) sediment.
  4Fe 2+ +02+10H20=4Fe(OH)3+8H+
  Water containing excessive amounts of iron and manganese will bring great harm to life of drinking and industrial water.Iron ions content in drinking water shall be prescribed by the state 0 or less, 3 mg/l, manganese ion content should be 0 or less, l mg/l.Iron and manganese are elements of human needs, as long as the water content is not to exceed bid, don't affect people's health.But water fe content 1 > 0.3 mg/l water feculence, mg/l more than l, water has a smell of iron;When boilers, pressure vessels and other equipment with high iron content of water as a medium, often cause softening of ion exchange equipment pollution poisoning, brown solid iron scale pressure equipments, the cause its deformation, tube-burst accident, so the ferrous iron and manganese removal of water quality is very important.
  2,equipment technology introduction, groundwater in addition to iron and manganese
With manganese sand to reduce the water content of iron, manganese ion, are realized through two important link.One is the aeration of groundwater, the other one is iron water containing manganese manganese sand filter layer.Two processes are short of one cannot.Aeration, it is to raise the groundwater deserves good contact with the ground and air, make the oxygen dissolved in water rapidly, it is also called oxygen filling process.Aeration also contains on the other hand, the purpose of the carbon dioxide is to remove water, in order to improve the PH of the water.Increase the PH of the water is under conditions of water quality or process needs.Air is calculated in the process design.Theoretically the l milligram/litre of bivalent iron oxide ferric iron ions dissolved oxygen in water should be 0.143 mg/l.Usually when 20 'E l l air weight 1.205 grams, proportion of oxygen in the air about l / 5, accordingly can launch l milligram/litre of bivalent iron oxide need in per cubic meter of water injection 0, 5 liters of air.Regardless of the aeration mode and equipment. The actual general water your lowest appears two times larger than the theoretical value of above, can ensure that dissolve into enough oxygen.
Manganese sand filter material is made of natural manganese ore mining and crushing, screening.It is the main component of manganese dioxide.Some people think that contain molten iron from the laminar flow through filter, manganese sand only played the filtering Fe (OH) 3 and so on the role of sediment, this view is inappropriate.Containing molten iron flows through don't match at the same level of manganese sand filter material layer, manganese sand for water of iron and manganese ions removal function has two aspects:
1. The catalytic oxidation.In the molten iron of the PH > 6.0, manganese sand contained in the manganese dioxide is a good catalyst.
2. The adsorption, separation and filtration function.
Fe (0 h) 3 is a colloidal substance, Mn (0 h) 2 is sediment, when the water flow by manganese containing iron, manganese sand filter layer, adsorption in manganese sand particle clearance and filter layer, to achieve separation and filtration of iron and manganese insolubles.The above two role in water by manganese sand filter layer is completed at the same time


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