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Water treatment Equipment > Deep well water in addition to the iron manganese zl - ctm003 equipment

Deep well water in addition to the iron manganese zl - ctm003 equipment
Source:Water treatment technology center   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-08-31

Deep well water in addition to the iron manganese equipment

  Equipment basic configuration:
  Name: deep well water in addition to iron manganese equipment
  Model: zl - ctm003
  Principle: the pressure filtration
  Purpose: solid-liquid separation
  Style: drum
  Performance: the precision filter, high efficiency filter
  Applicable objects: water
  Applicable object properties: weak corrosive
  Manganese sand filter material

  Product description:
  In many areas of groundwater containing TieDa 5 ~ 15 mg/L, as much as 20 to 39 mg/L, manganese content of 0.5 ~ 2.0 mg/L, even more than 2.0 mg/L.Excess iron groundwater exist in state of Fe2 +, so just pumped water clear, but has a smell of iron.Time is a bit long, water quality is cloudy.Fe2 + easy to pollution of ion exchange resin, the resin poisoning and reduce the exchange capacity.Fe2 + reverse osmosis membrane polluted and failure.Containing molten iron when making the boiler make-up water, easy to scale, not only affect the heat transfer, and easy to cause pipe wall corrosion.Cooling water of iron content of more than 0.5 mg/L, the iron, iron bacteria breeding, tend to produce the sticky mud besides may clog pipe, also can accelerate the corrosion of the equipment.Iron manganese filter collection oxidation, ion exchange, intercept and clarify the process, such as water conditions to make reasonable design process according to the customer, to achieve reliable and stable effect.
  Must aeration in addition to iron and manganese in water, add the oxygen in the air the bivalent iron, bivalent manganese oxide, generate Fe (OH) 3, MnO2, according to the water Fe mn content is high and low, choose the jet aeration or polyhedral hollow ball aeration.Using level or multi-level manganese iron removal filter, can meet the requirements of processing, iron 0.3 mg/L water, manganese content of 0.1 m/L, meet the national drinking water standards.

  Many towns and industrial and mining enterprises in China with groundwater for water supply.But in many areas of groundwater containing excessive amounts of iron, its content is in commonly 2 to 16 mq/L range."JSY - type II automatic iron manganese filter" overcome due to the artificial operation, backwash caused by all kinds of problems, such as better play to the fully automatic work of the special features, thus has other iron removal equipment incomparable superiority, after processing the groundwater iron content of 0.3 mg/L or less, in line with national GB5749-85 life drinking water quality standards.

Deep well water in addition to iron manganese

  Scope of application
  Zl - ctm002 automatic manganese iron removal filter is divided into two series:
  1, applies to the iron content of groundwater 8 mg/L or less iron processing system.
  2, apply to groundwater iron content > 8 mg/L - 16 mg/L or less iron processing system.
  Two iron removal equipment is suitable for medium and small towns, rural water supply, industrial and mining enterprises, industrial water, soften and desalination technology in groundwater for water supply of water treatment systems.
  Unique advantages
  1. This series of equipment for fully automatic operation.From water, oxygen, water, filtering, backwash and each working procedure, such as water into the integration of new iron removal equipment.Can automatically adjust according to operation requirements.
  2. No equipped with suction device, air compressor, backwash water pump or water tower.Not only save the project investment, but also for the project operation management, maintenance work has brought a lot of convenience.
  3. Adopt high efficiency of removing fe special manganese sand filter materials, the use can meet the requirements of water quality and water quantity.
  4. If in clear water reserviors set high and low water level control system and the opening of the deep well pump system are linked together, so, the complete system can achieve the requirements of unattended automatic water purification processing system.
  Design parameters
  1. Apply to water iron content: (1) or less 8 mg/L (2) > 8 mg/L ~ 16 mg/L or less
  2. Water iron content: 0.3 mg/L or less in line with national GB5749-85 life drinking water quality standards.
  3. The surface load: 8-9 m3 / H · M2
  4. Rinse intensity: 14-16 l/s. M2
  5. Rinse diachronic: 4-6 mim (adjustable)
  6. Feed water pressure: 0.05 MPa
  7. Filter material: delicate iron dedicated manganese sand 0.5 ~ 2 mm diameter
  8. Working temperature: 5 ℃ to 40 ℃ (special temperature can be customized)
  9. Single flow: after 0.5 m/h - 80 - m after/h
  11. Filtration velocity, 5 m/h - 12 m/h
  12. Shell material: 304, 316 l, Q235 rubber lining, or epoxy coating


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