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Water treatment Equipment > Zl - jhs001 river water purification equipment

Zl - jhs001 river water purification equipment
Source:Water treatment technology center   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-08-31

  Equipment basic configuration:
  Product name: river water purification equipment
  Model: zl - jhs001
  Process: coagulation precipitation + + filtration
  Use occasions: large
  Rated frequency: (50 Hz)
  Rated power: 4000 (w)
  Feed water pressure: 0.6 (Mpa)
  Water supply: 10000 (L/h)
  Net content (specifications), 21000 (kg)

  Now enterprises are facing a country about "forbidden mining groundwater protection of water resources policies, factory existing Wells will gradually be blocked, industrial production water will be at risk.And if the use of tap water and comprehensive will multiply the cost of production inputs, affect the normal development of the enterprise.Only the meter is used on industrial water river.
  Product features:
  In addition to the management of primary pump and dosing system, water purification device itself from reaction, flocculation, sedimentation, mud, mud, water, water distribution and filtration, recoil, sewage, and a series of running the program, has reached the requirement of automatic operation, the personnel on duty as long as the timing for water quality monitoring work, determination, don't need to water purification equipment operation management.
  High concentrations of flocculation layer, can make the particles of impurities in raw water, in the meantime fully collision contact, the probability of adsorption, and can adapt to all kinds of raw water of water temperature and turbidity, high removal rate of impurity particles.In a certain conditions of use, also has the function to remove algae.
  Quick sludge concentration and adjustable automatic mud system, can guarantee in a timely manner to eliminate excess sludge impurities, thus ensuring stable impurities particle removal rate.
  The highly effective flocculation and sedimentation effect, make the precipitation water quality has been in good condition.
  Novel and unique set of water system and minimum set water head, make water more even effective, not only increases the volume utilization coefficient, because of its tiny water head, the accumulated energy saving effect is considerable.
  Water purification system automation, not only ensure the high efficiency filter, water purification system (in raw water turbidity when less than 3000 mg, after filter water turbidity can keep below in 3 mg) can automatic back flush again, without setting up backwash water pump or electrical equipment such as air compressor, can save a lot of infrastructure investment and daily operation, maintenance, maintenance costs.
  Since the water rate is low in the < about 5% or so, to save the limited water resources plays a positive role.
  Cover an area of an area small, compared with the general water purification structures, can save floor < 50%, 4.10 meters high, inside and outside can be placed.
  Easy extension, modification, reoccupy, easy to move or relocate to use again.


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