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Water treatment Equipment > Disc filter zl-glq003

Disc filter zl-glq003
Source:disc filter   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-15

disc filter

  Equipment basic configuration:
  Name: disc filter
  Model: zl-glq003
  Principle: centrifugal filtration method
  Purpose: liquid filtration
  Style: vertical
  Performance: precision filtration
  Applicable objects: water
  Fiber filter material
  Filter types: tube
  Main material: stainless steel
  Scope of application: chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, mineral processing
  Effective filtering area: 15 (m2)
  Equipment weight: 30 (Kg)
  Filtration precision: 20-500 microns
  Control mode: automatic/manual
  System working pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.8 Mpa
  Backwashing pressure: 0.15 ~ 0.8 Mpa
  Working temperature: ﹤ 60 ℃
  PH: 4-13
  Filter unit number (A) : 3-10
  System backwashing mode: the other filter units of water for each unit individually backwashing, until complete
  Inlet pipe (B) : carbon steel corrosion/PP/stainless steel material, 6 '8' flange interface;
  Outlet pipe (C) : carbon steel corrosion/PP/stainless steel material, 6 '8' flange interface;
  The drain (D) : 3 'flange interface
  Back flush valve (E) : cast steel/plastic material, 3 'thread interface
  System controller (F) : automatic dedicated controller, insulation class IP65 to international standards
  Products overview:
  Disc filter core is composed of a set of disc with grooves on both sides of groove edge formed the intersection of solid water can put the intercept, because have the effect of surface cohesion intercept and depth at the same time, greatly improving the filtering effect.Because the disc filter backwashing is high at the same time, fully automatic continuous operation, the water consumption is low, cover an area of an area small, reliable operation, the characteristics of the filtration system of the tandem backwashing process, automatic switching between work and backwashing state, to ensure continuous water, the pressure loss of the system is small, so the disc filter technology advantage is very obvious.

disc filter

  To improve the traditional disc filter and improvement:
  1.Using a number of patented technology, the installation when using more safe and efficient water saving, less land-saving and daily maintenance.
  2.The filter spring design, ingenious use of spring pressure when filtering compact disc group, which makes the backwashing pressure to greatly reduced.
  3.Unique built-in duckbill valve, the biggest water yield, ensure the filter in the filter backwashing at the same time have very good function of non-return.
  4.The body of the packaged filter skeleton, filter height can be adjusted according to the design requirements for flexible, to adjust the filter area, meet different system requirements.
  5.Metal clamp design, filter unit adopts the self-locking card buckle with special design of the sealing ring, the installation of the filter unit shell and remove the very simple easy, good sealing effect.
  6.Each filter unit is equipped with a filter and backwashing state indicating device and automatic nearly exhaust device, to avoid the damage of water hammer can also improve the effect of filter backwashing.

  Working principle of the filter:
  1.The working state
  Coming water from the water inlet side along the tangent into the filter unit, water pressure in the cavity driving the upper shell membrane device, and drives the plunger down disc group, been compression forming dense filter disc group, after impurities of blocked by the filter element, the water through a filter core duckbill valve to the outlet of the lower part.
  Because the diaphragm downward, the upper shell of red hat falling into a slot.

  2.State of backwashing
  Backwashing filter unit, lateral inlet be outfall, diaphragm device also loses the previous under pressure, the backwashing water enters from the outlet of the lower part, due to the effect of duckbill valve, backwashing water only through four catheter upward with a nozzle opening filter pressure cap and diaphragm device, loosen the disc group, ejecting, along the tangent line at the same time make the disc rotate, tray intercept solid wash out.
  Because the diaphragm devices by jacking, drive the upper shell of the red hat is out, the outside is easy to see and determine the condition of the filter inside.Backwashing, the upper part of the automatic vent valve will automatically open, air can enter the cavity in the body, helps to improve the effect of jet cleaning.

  Design selection:
  1.The raw water quality classification:
  (1).the good water quality: urban tap water, well water that can be drawn from the stability of the aquifer;
  (2).general water quality: circulating cooling water, the precipitation of surface water, drainage after effective sedimentary completely biological treatment;
  (3).poor water quality: from poorly water aquifer groundwater extraction, through effective precipitation, but without or with little biological treatment of drainage and microbial multiply surface water;
  (4).poor water quality: from dirty or well water in the borehole extraction, rich in iron and manganese affected by flooding and surface water without precipitation, without sedimentation and biological treatment of drainage.
  Different water quality had a great influence on the operation of the filter cycle, usually choose system should guarantee the system backwashing interval is not less than 1 hour.
  2.The filtration precision options:
  Select the disc filter precision, to ensure the disc filter in the whole water system has great significance to the play to the role of the application, only choose reasonable right can meet the following requirements.The table below for centralized filtering USES in common, recommend choosing filtration precision.

The application of the filtration system Choose filtration precision
High quality water pretreatment 20μ
Drinking water pretreatment, various production process water, nozzle protection 50μ
Circulating water transfer, water treatment filter 100μ
Water treatment, waste water treatment 200μ

  Original water and filtered to precision and water rate per hour is the basis of choosing our filtering system.


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