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Water treatment Equipment > Gravity valveless filter zl-glq004

Gravity valveless filter zl-glq004
Source:gravity valveless filter   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-15

Gravity valveless filter

  Equipment basic configuration:
  Name: gravity valveless filter
  Model: zl - glq004
  Principle: gravity settling method
  Purpose: solid-liquid separation
  Style: vertical
  Performance: the precision filter, high efficiency filter
  Applicable objects: water
  Applicable object properties: weak corrosive materials, corrosion resistance, low temperature, high health materials
  Type: quartz sand
  Filter types: tube
  Main material: stainless steel
  Scope of application: chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, automobile, light industry, food, mineral processing, water treatment, electroplating, metallurgy, textile, dye
  Effective filtering area: 1-500 (m2)
  Dimension: 1000-1000 (mm)
  Equipment weight: 1000-50000 (Kg)
  Products overview:
  Steel gravity valveless filter series products are widely used in purification of surface water, groundwater, next to the circulating water flow filtration, in addition to iron and manganese production suspended impurities removal from wastewater, organic wastewater after biochemical treatment and secondary sedimentation tank in the subsequent filtering and indoor swimming pool filter is an ideal water treatment equipment.
  Gravity valveless filter/valveless filter is a kind of don't need the valve fast filter, in the process of running, the water level keep constant, the water level is as the filter head loss increases with the continuous rise in straw, valve when the water level rose to siphon tube top, and form a siphon, began to automatic filter backwash, along the siphon rinse wastewater discharge outside the pool.
  Gravity valveless filter/no valve filter into water, water, rinse and drain valve, the hydraulic function automatically run, low operating cost, convenient management, security automation, equipment integration, into the water tank, filter, such as back flush water tank assembly, compact structure, users only need to do as requested equipment foundation and plug in and out of the water pipe can be put into operation.At the same time, the filter series products are equipped with a lid, good condition of health protection, can the outdoor setting, compared with the rc filter weight of small, adopt flexible base asphalt sand.
  Working principle:
  Raw water from the inlet pipe into filter, from top to bottom through a filter layer filtration, water from the pipe into the water storage contents, namely after the tank is full, the water through the pipe into the clear water reserviors tube into the clear water reserviors.Filter layer intercept suspended matter, filter resistance increase gradually, thus pushing the siphon tube water levels rising.When the water reaches siphon auxiliary control, water falling from the tube, through the exhaust tube so as to take drops siphon tube in the air, when the vacuum degree reaches a certain value, the siphon role.When the water in the pipe through filter layer from bottom to top, to back flush filter material.When flushing cistern water falling damage to siphon pipe, air into the siphon, destroy the siphonage.End of the filter backwash, into the next cycle work.So gravity valveless filter without like other filters, you must set up reverse flushing pump and backwash water tower.
  Equipment characteristics:
  1.Gravity valveless filter is the earliest without valves and control instrument, skillfully using siphon principle to achieve automatic operation of valveless filters, can be automatically flush, compared with other filtering equipment, has no artificial operation, less energy consumption, low operation cost, safe and reliable, convenient management.
  2.Gravity valveless filter by water tank, filter, u-shaped water pipes, drain tank assembled into an organic whole, such as compact structure, the user need only according to the requirements for equipment foundation and plug in and out of the water pipe, can be put into operation.
  3.The gravity valveless filter made by carbon steel (or according to user requirements), anti-corrosion strictly, processing of high precision, easy installation.
  4.Don't need to water pressure, power and compressed air, etc, all work link shall be controlled by the filter.
  5.Valveless filter with mandatory rinse system, if the accepted value of filter head loss has not yet reached, but for some reason need to wash, can be manually flush.
  6.No valve filter free maintenance, no wear and tear.

Gravity valveless filter

  Equipment use:
  Valveless filter is mainly suitable for all kinds of surface water purification treatment, will be treated as turbidity is less than 3000 ml/l after living water and industrial water supply, also can be cooling water, industrial waste water purification, such as mine water, circulating water reuse, after repeated utilization to improve water.
  1.Used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, power, light industry, textile, printing and dyeing, dyeing and other industrial circulating cooling water filter processing;
  2.Used for purification of surface water, groundwater, in addition to iron and manganese
  3.Used for cities, villages and towns of waterworks filter processing,
  4.Used to soften, desalination pretreatment process;
  5.Used for the purification of swimming pool, fountain, water scene;
  6.Used in the production of waste water to remove suspended solids, organic wastewater after biochemical treatment, the secondary sedimentation tank after treatment of subsequent filtering, etc.;
  Scope of application:
  1.Gravity valveless filter used in water plant processing, feed suspended solids should be less than 15 mg/l, the effluent suspended solids is less than 3 mg/l;
  2.Gravity valveless filter used in circulating cooling water filter processing, beside the water suspended solids generally in 15-30 mg/l, the water suspended solids generally less than 5 mg/l;
  3.Gravity valveless filter used for dosing coagulant treatment "water suspended solids 50-100 mg/l, when the water suspended solids generally less than 5 mg/l.
  Technical parameters:
  1.The average filter speed: 10 meters/hour
  2.The average intensity of backwash: 15 litres/m 2 seconds
  3.The backwash duration: 5 minutes
  4.The final head loss value: 1.50 meters, 1.70 meters, 1.70 meters (three optional)
  5.Backwash expansion height: 700 x 40% plus 100 mm high security
  6. The filter material layer height: 700 mm retainer layer thickness is 270 mm
  7.The water turbidity: no more than 20 degrees (for surface water purification)
  8.Effluent turbidity: no more than 3 degrees (for surface water purification)


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