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Water treatment Equipment > Special drinks zl-js001 reverse osmosis water purification equipment

Special drinks zl-js001 reverse osmosis water purification equipment
Source:water purification treatment equipment   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-15

Drinks for reverse osmosis water purification equipment

  Equipment basic configuration:
  Name: drinks for reverse osmosis water purification equipment
  Model: zl - js001
  Inlet diameter: 63 (mm)
  Water rate: 6
  Specification: 4000 * 850 * 850
  Job stress: 225 (psi)
  SDI pollution index) < 5
  PH: 2-11
  Desalination rate: 95-99%
  Water PH: 5-7
  Residual chlorine (mg/l) : < 0.1
  4-45 ° C temperature:
  Recovery: 60-80%
  Description of equipment:
  Liquor sales growing in People's Daily lives.Beverage industry is becoming more and more high to the requirement of brewing water.Liquor blending with reverse osmosis pure water equipment with high efficiency and energy saving of reverse osmosis membrane separation technology, the main use of reverse osmosis membrane under pressure to make the solution of the solvent and solute separation feature to work.
  Basic principles:
  RO reverse osmosis equipment USES the contemporary most advanced, energy-saving and effective membrane separation technology, reverse osmosis equipment is the principle of the osmotic pressure under the action of above solution, which other materials cannot be through a semipermeable membrane will leave to other material and water.Reverse osmosis membrane membrane pore size is very small, so the reverse osmosis device can effectively remove salt dissolved in water, colloid, microorganisms, such as organic matter, reverse osmosis equipment can produce pure water, high pure water, in order to satisfy the demands of different industries, different users.
  As the pure water and salt water is separated by a semipermeable membrane, ideal ideal through a semipermeable membrane allows only water and prevent salt through, at this point the side of the membrane water water will spontaneously through a semipermeable membrane into the salt water on one side, this phenomenon is called osmosis, if put pressure on the salt water side of the membrane, then the spontaneous flow of water is restrained and slow down, when the pressure reaches a certain value, net flows of water through the membrane is equal to zero, the pressure is called osmotic pressure, when in film brine lateral pressure is greater than the osmotic pressure, the flow of water will be reversed, at this point, the water in the salt water will flow into the water, the above phenomenon is water the basic principle of reverse osmosis (RO) processing.
  Technological process:
  1.The quartz sand, activated carbon and softening + security filter + + reverse osmosis unit ultraviolet sterilization device.
  2.Security scale inhibition system + quartz sand + + active carbon filter + reverse osmosis unit.
  3.The quartz sand, activated carbon and softening + security filter + level 1 reverse osmosis + reverse osmosis + 2 ozone sterilization.
  4.The flocculating settling + quartz sand + activated carbon + + security filter + reverse osmosis scale inhibitor system device.
  5.Quartz sand, activated carbon and soften the security filter + + reverse osmosis unit (water rate < 2 m3 / H).

Drinks for reverse osmosis water purification equipment

  Equipment operation preparation:
  Reverse osmosis equipment commissioning before should first confirm that pretreatment equipment running normally.When raw water of water quality analysis project indicators beyond an appropriate benchmark, it is necessary through all water quality analysis to confirm the state of raw water.In the system before running, check to ensure that the concrete content is as follows:
  Raw water quality: SDI, turbidity, temperature, pH, TDS, residual chlorine and other basic analysis project.
  Whether the system is running the supply of raw water can meet the operation of reverse osmosis system.
  The pretreatment device in the system running state whether can meet the requirements of the operation of the reverse osmosis device.
  The running status of drug injection device and drug injection rate control.
  Each measurement instrument calibration and install state - whether it be calibrated and have been properly installed.
  Abnormal high pressure and low pressure protection safety device Settings and the state (that is, the pressure controller).
  Piping connection part of the fixed state and reverse osmosis pressure vessel.
  Liquor blending net with reverse osmosis pure water equipment with stable running, simple operation, water quality meet the demand of practical production, comply with the relevant national health standard.From the company as a professional water treatment equipment manufacturers, we produce reverse osmosis pure water equipment higher cost performance and safety.


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