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Water treatment Equipment > Soda water is special zl-sds001 reverse osmosis pure water equipment

Soda water is special zl-sds001 reverse osmosis pure water equipment
Source:pure water equipment   Author:zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-14

  Equipment parameters:
  Name: soda water for reverse osmosis pure water equipment
  Model: zl - sds001
  Material: plastic
  Working principle: reverse osmosis
  Filter, RO membrane
  Specification: 475 * 160 * 372 mm
  Water processor categories: pure water machine
  Packing: packed in color box
  Rated voltage: AC 220 v, 50 hz
  Rated power: 28.8 W
  Apply pressure: 0.15-0.15 MPa
  Raw water temperature: 5-45 ℃
  Washing method: automatic cleaning
  Maximum daily build water: 50 gallons of about 283 liters
  Pressure barrels of water: 3.2 gallons
  Raw water (TDS) biggest limit: 1000 PPM or less
  The type of protection against electric shock: Ⅱ class
  Uv lamp power: 8 w (only add uv lamp models)
  Disinfection methods: ultraviolet disinfection (only add uv lamp models)
  For water supply: municipal tap water, in line with the indicators of GB5749-85
  Product features:
  Space technology RO reverse osmosis:Using this century one of the six major high-tech, NASA's research and development, solve the shuttle astronauts drinking water professional advanced technology.
  Multistage filter health care:Multiple purification, multiple protection, multiple care, multilevel filter for family health escort.
  Fresh water is:Fresh filter fresh drink, water dispenser water purification small workshops of the family.
  Fashion appearance:Streamline design, modern, fashionable appearance, decorate your home space.
  Completely remove scale:High precision physical filtration, remove calcium and magnesium ions in water, make water pure, bother you to stay away from scale.
  Intelligent worry:LED display, automatic operation, intelligent maintenance, safe &conve-nient.

  Summary of reverse osmosis.
  Reverse Osmosis, English is called Reverse Osmosis, is developed in the '60 s a new membrane separation technology.Is the use of differential pressure as the power of membrane filtration technology, originated in the us aerospace science and technology research in the 1960 s, after gradually into civil, has been widely used in scientific research, medicine, food, beverage, water desalination, etc.In ultrapure water used in industry, such as electronic ultrapure water, electricity, chemical industry, electroplating ultrapure water, boiler make-up water and medicine preparation with ultrapure water is often used as ion, electricity to ion (EDI) before the primary treatment, compared with the traditional method using ion exchange resin as the early stage of the pretreatment, reverse osmosis is more economical, more efficient, more stable operation, the advantages of the water quality more reliable, and can be greatly extended after class and electric regeneration of ion exchange resin cycle to ion (EDI) cleaning cycle.
  The working principle of reverse osmosis:
  Seepage is a physical phenomenon, when two containing different concentrations of salt water, such as separated by a half permeability of membrane, on one side of the less salty water will through the membrane permeability to water, salt and salt contained is not penetration, so, turning to the salt concentration on both sides of the harmony at the equal.This process is called natural penetration.Reverse osmosis is a pressure driven, with the aid of interception effect on the choice of a semipermeable membrane separate solution of the solute and solvent separation method.
  Reverse osmosis water treatment system:
  Reverse osmosis device is around and organized into a set of reverse osmosis membrane water treatment system, a complete set of reverse osmosis system respectively by the preprocessing part, reverse osmosis host (membrane filtration), reprocessing parts and common parts cleaning system.
  1.Pretreatment often consists of quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, precision filter, main purpose is to remove sediment, rust, colloid substances contained in the raw water, suspended solids, pigment and peculiar smell, biochemical organic matter, reduce the residual ammonia water and harmful substances such as pesticide pollution.If the raw water of calcium and magnesium ions content is higher, also need to increase the water softening device, main purpose is to protect the latter's reverse osmosis membrane is not affected by large particle damage, so as to prolong the service life of the membrane.
  2.Reverse osmosis host is mainly composed of booster pump, shell membrane, reverse osmosis membrane, control circuit and so on, is the core part of the whole water treatment system, made the most important part also depends on the water quality stand or fall.As long as the film's model to select proper model and booster pump, reverse osmosis host of salt in water filtration capacity can reach more than 99%, water conductivity can be guaranteed within 10 us/cm (25 degrees).
  3.Post-processing part is mainly to reverse osmosis host making pure water for further processing, if the follow-up process after ion exchange or electric ions (EDI) equipment, industrial ultrapure water can be produced, if it is to use on the commercial straight drinking water process, often connect rear sterilization device, such as can paper receiving outside the sterilization lamp or ozone generator, so that the water can be directly drinkable.
  4.In order to guarantee the normal operation of the reverse osmosis system and prolong the service life of reverse osmosis membrane element, when the reverse osmosis system operation after a period of time to remove the calcium carbonate scale, metal oxide scale in water, biological breed (bacteria, fungi, mold, etc.) and so on material requires for cleaning system.When need to be cleaned?How to wash and clean with what drug to consult customer service staff and other related technical knowledge.


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