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Water treatment Equipment > Drink zl-yl001 dedicated pure water equipment

Drink zl-yl001 dedicated pure water equipment
Source:pure water equipment   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-14

Drink dedicated pure water equipment

  Equipment basic configuration:
  Special name: drink pure water equipment
  Model: zl - yl001
  Inlet diameter: 22-50 (mm)
  Water rate: 0.5 T-100 T
  Specifications: all kinds of specifications
  Pressure of work: 0.6 (psi)
  Pure water equipment, is simply the production of pure water equipment.And drinking pure water was we are widely used in: life, chemical, medical, breeding, planting, food, drinks, etc.
  As it is very important to rely on pure water production.So to produce pure water must be original water good place to choose.Mountain springs, Wells, etc.Here is involved in a very important index "conductivity".In general electric conductivity and the lower.The more pure water.Now used in water treatment process is used in reverse osmosis system.After processing the water desalination rate can reach 90% - 90% of the general.


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