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Water treatment Equipment > Zl-pqs001 fountain water treatment equipment

Zl-pqs001 fountain water treatment equipment
Source:water treatment equipment   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-16

Fountain of water treatment equipment

  Equipment parameters:
  Name: fountain water treatment equipment
  Model: zl-pqs001
  Specification: can be customized
  Fountain of water treatment equipment is mainly in the service of municipal construction, garden decoration, hotels and factories, the school environment beautification.My company has a high professional level of fountain equipment design and installation personnel, development and production of a variety of new water nozzle and fountain equipment.
  In order to keep the fountain pool water clean, to beautify the environment, our factory latest fountain pool water treatment equipment series products, this series product characteristics: corrosion resistance, wear resistance, durable;Unique design of the water distribution device can uniformly stable flow of water, drainage culvert with high efficiency;Adopting prevention insolation coating surface treatment;Easy to install, easy to maintenance;The water turbidity is less than 2 degrees.

Fountain of water treatment equipment

  Lined with ABS material, external FRP winding, long service life, good filtering effect (according to owner request on smooth surface or stainless steel shell).Mainly used for landscape water quality improvement of treatment and secondary back to water pretreatment, has the multi-function regulator, can choose any function.Otherwise lateral ferrari interface design, can be used in any combination with PLC automatic program, achieve no artificial monitoring and operation.
  Special filtration circulation pump, quiet big flow, engineering special ABS pump body, according to the fluid mechanic design, increase the efficiency and life.Mainly used in the water in the swimming pool and landscape water treatment, pumps with suspended solids collector begin to end, can observe intercept rubbish inside visible through the transparent lens and can be quickly open to take out the garbage basket.

  "Blue and white" pulse electromagnetic pump, automatic motor overheating protection, low power consumption, stable performance, with U.S. and joint two choices.Mainly used in the swimming pool and sauna pool and landscape ornamental water treatment of water system of coagulant dosage, used with other equipment.

  Import water quality monitor, mainly for the swimming pool and sauna pool and landscape viewing on-line water quality monitoring, automatic control of coagulant dosage time and o-phenylenediamine.

  Uv sterilizer, mainly for the swimming pool and landscape water treatment, make up for a lack of pharmaceutical sterilization time requirements, can achieve 98%, instantaneous sterilization algae exclusion of secondary pollution, realizing aseptic water running.


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