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Water treatment Equipment > Zl-yc001 swimming pool water treatment equipment

Zl-yc001 swimming pool water treatment equipment
Source:swimming pool water treatment equipment   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-15

Swimming pool water treatment equipment

  Equipment parameters:
  Name: swimming pool water treatment equipment
  Model: zl-yc001
  Traffic: 10-500 (t/h)
  Swimming pool categories: swimming pool
  Imports: diameter (-- DN200 (mm)
  Cycle: 6-8 (hours/day)
  Efficient filter: carbon steel, stainless steel, glass reinforced plastics
  Exports: diameter (-- DN200 (mm)
  Power: 370-22000 (w)
  The swimming pool volume: 200-10000 cubic meters
  Hair collector: (-- DN1000 (mm)
  Pump models: 20-500 m3 / h
  Design include filtering processing part, dosing system, electric control, etc.All system equipment selection, equipment layout and process piping and wiring scheme design;System process flow, control system, power distribution, non-standard equipment design and manufacture and installation of equipment.System interconnection debugging.The customer is responsible for the system of water and electricity in place.

swimming pool water treatment equipment

  Design criteria:
  Swimming pool as places for tourists to swim and play, in order to guarantee the safety and health of the tourists, the relevant state departments, each of its water supply and drainage system and circulating water treatment system has made corresponding requirements.
  The rules and regulations of swimming pool water supply and drainage design swimming pool for the first time in the process of water filling and normal use of water quality, water supplement should be consistent with the current "drinking water health standard" requirement, at the same time should conform to the requirements of artificial swimming places water hygiene standards.
  Swimming pool water circulation way, should as far as possible make water distribution evenly, not appear short flow, vortex and dead waters;All is helpful for the water exchange updates;Is advantageous to the construction installation, operation and management, and maintain health.
  Swimming pool water cycle, should according to the nature of the use of the swimming pool, the number of swimming, the water volume, surface area and water purification equipment running time, etc.Can refer to the following table:

Swimming pool category Cycle T(h)
The diving pool, private swimming pools 8--12
Share pool diving and swimming 8--10
The children's pool 4--6

  The cycle of the swimming pool of water:QX=alpha V/T
  Type in the circulation of QX-swimming pool of water (m3 / h)
  Alpha-additional coefficient, pipeline and water filtration equipment volume average of 1.1-1.2
  V-swimming pool water volume (m3)
  T-swimming pool water cycle
  Water quality, water quantity processing:
  Water for municipal tap water, according to the data provided by the customer, swimming pool water capacity of 570 m3.Due to the swimming pool for the residential area for the swimming pool, therefore, the water cycle designed by eight hours.
  QX=alpha V/T=1.2 x 570/8 = 85.5 m3 / h.Filtration system processing capacity of 85 m3 / h design.
  Treated water production to "artificial swimming places water health standards" (GB9667-1996).

The serial number project indicators
1 PH 6.5--8.5
2 turbidity 5 degrees or less
3 Oxygen consumption No more than 6 mg/l
4 The urea No more than 3.5 mg/l
5 Residual chlorine Free residual chlorine: 0.3-0.5 mg/l
6 Total number of bacteria Not more than 1000/ml
7 The total number of coliform No more than 18/l
8 Harmful substances Reference to hygiene standards for design of industrial enterprises (CJ36-79) in the surface water quality health standards.

  Design principle:
  1.The first choose technology advanced, reliable, economic and reasonable process.
  2.Make full use of existing resources facilities (if any), as far as possible to save investment.
  3.Choose safe and reliable, advanced technology, low investment, low operation cost, management, maintenance quantity is little, operation simple and flexible new water purification processing technology and equipment, ensure the long-term stable operation of water purification system.
  4.Through the design of the overall optimization, USES the advanced energy saving technology, save energy and minimize the operating cost.
  5.Choose low noise equipment, avoid cause secondary pollution to the environment.
  6.Combined with the actual situation of purification system, on the premise of convenient installation, strive for various structures focus as far as possible, compact layout, save floor.

Swimming pool water treatment equipment

  Design basis:
  1.The water supply and drainage drawing standards (GBJl06-87)
  2.The general layout drawing standards (GBJl03-87)
  3.The specification for design of building water supply and drainage (GBJl5-88)
  4.The pump station design specification (GB/T50265-97)
  5.The structure design of water supply and drainage engineering (GBJ69-84)
  6.GB/T50109-2006 industrial water softening desalination design specification
  7.GB50013-2006 outdoor water supply design specifications
  8.GB50014-2006 outdoor drainage design specification
  "Water supply and drainage design manual" volume 1-12


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