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Water treatment Equipment > Steel mills zl - gtc00001 circulating water treatment equipment

Steel mills zl - gtc00001 circulating water treatment equipment
Source:Water treatment technology center   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-08-31

Equipment basic configuration:
Product name: steel circulating water treatment equipment
Model: zl - gtc0001
Inlet diameter of 25-10000 (mm)
0.5 1000 tons of water rate
Working pressure (150 psi)

Design basis
The original water: 80 tons/hour self-provided water Wells (a engineering case in henan)
Water production purpose: steelmaking process circulating water cooling
Water production volume: reverse osmosis water quantity of 80 t/h or more
System desalination rate: 97% or higher
System configuration: pretreatment + reverse osmosis desalination
Operation mode: automatic control operation
Equipment technical parameters meet the specification for design of industrial water softening desalination (GBJ109-87);
Equipment installation and debugging meet the acceptance specification for construction of water supply and drainage engineering (GB1328-1995).
Other involved in the design of the basic conditions to determine in the technical discussion

To the outside world requirements:
Into the water pipe, pressure pipe connected to the pump inlet.
For the electric cable: according to calculate the capacity, the user will power sent to the operating control electric ark respectively.
The water pipe, to pure water.(see the process flow diagram).
Foundation: foundation bearing capacity 5 tons or more per square
Wastewater treatment: to the equipment room gutter (user).
System temperature: room temperature.

  The following is a process that part:This process including pretreatment, reverse osmosis part.
Pretreatment and reverse osmosis components and purpose: provide qualified water for reverse osmosis unit.
A. water reverse osmosis system requirements:
1) pollution index SDI 4 or less
2) the residual chlorine < 0.1 PPM
3) turbidity < 1 ntu
4) water supply Fe3 + 0.01 PPM or less
5) water supply water temperature suitable range of 10 ~ 30 ℃
6) calcium carbonate saturation index LSI 0

B. through the filtration, adsorption pretreatment methods such as reverse osmosis water meet the above requirements, to achieve the following objectives:
1) to prevent reverse osmosis membrane fouling (including CaCO3, CaSO4, SrSO4, CaF2, SiO2, iron, aluminum oxide, etc.);
2) prevent the colloidal substances and suspended solid particles of reverse osmosis membrane fouling;
3) to prevent the organic material of reverse osmosis membrane fouling and degradation;
4) to prevent microbial of reverse osmosis membrane fouling;
5) to prevent oxidizing substances oxidative damage of reverse osmosis membrane;

The composition of c. pretreatment system:
Raw water contains a variety of impurities, such as suspended solids, colloid, organic and inorganic substances.To remove the suspended solids, colloidal and organic matter in the water, raw water pretreatment part setting mechanical filter, activated carbon filter, such as security filter device.
Mechanical filter, activated carbon column can effectively remove the suspended solids, colloid, impurities such as organic matter in the water, and water adsorption of humus, chromaticity, we smell, residual chlorine, etc., can reduce the turbidity of water and pollution index, and after the treatment of water is clean, no peculiar smell, called water.Mechanical loading of anthracite coal and quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter in high quality activated carbon.

  Raw water pretreatment part:
Raw water contains a variety of impurities, such as suspended solids, colloid, organic and inorganic substances.In order to ensure the system of reverse osmosis desalination part of the normal operation, you must first remove the suspended solids, colloidal and organic matter in the water, reverse osmosis water up to par, raw water pretreatment part were set up this system.Raw water pretreatment security consists of mechanical filter, activated carbon filter, filter, such as scale inhibitor dosing device.

(1) mechanical filter:
Reverse osmosis equipment have higher request for the turbidity of the water, especially in reverse osmosis water pollution index SDI value requires less than 4, less than 1 ntu turbidity.Many medium filter in the filter material includes five types of quartz sand, used to remove suspended matter in raw water and stability of colloid.Security to the activated carbon filter and filter further processing as a reverse osmosis equipment into the water.
(2) activated carbon filter
Reverse osmosis equipment requirements of residual chlorine content in the water is less than 0.1 mg/l, thus removing the residual chlorine in raw water by activated carbon filter, to prevent the pollution of reverse osmosis membrane.At the same time can be further adsorption of organic matter in raw water.Tick refined type shell activated carbon, activated carbon filter used in adsorption, part of the pigment and residual chlorine and organic matter in raw water harmful substances, reduce the chemical oxygen consumption COD.Activated carbon is widely used in water and food industry, chemical industry and other industrial water purification, due to the specific surface area of activated carbon is very big, and its surface was covered with an average of 20 to 30 Mr Microporous, therefore, activated carbon has a high adsorption capacity.In addition, the surface of the activated carbon has a large number of hydroxyl and carboxyl functional groups, such as the various properties of organic matter can be chemical adsorption, and the function of the electrostatic force, therefore, activated carbon can remove humic acid in water, rich d acid, lignin sulfonic acid and other organic material, also can remove such as residual chlorine of reverse osmosis membrane harmful substances, prevent the oxidation of the reverse osmosis membrane was.Usually able to remove the colloid material of 63% 86%, about 50% of the iron, and 47-60% of the organic matter.
The process of activated carbon from residual chlorine is a simple REDOX process.This process has the potential to activated carbon and broken, but the broken hernia of activated carbon does not affect the effect of the residual chlorine, so the effect of activated carbon from residual chlorine is very strong.
(3) the security filter:
Security filter belong to microfiltration equipment, have insurance effect in the pretreatment system, when the mechanical filter abnormal working status, to ensure that all cases can provide qualified water supply, and prevent the water pipe of the particles in the water pump and reverse osmosis system, set the security filter as the final filter unit.When filter in and out of the outlet pressure difference is greater than 0.1 Mpa when the need to change filter (by directly into the microporous membrane filter medium in the gap, so it is difficult to through the acid and alkali cleaning recovery flux).Can satisfy the requirement of rapid replacement filter filter structure.

  Reverse osmosis desalination section:
Water containing various kinds of inorganic salt, with the usual filter is not remove, and remove with the traditional ion exchange method, are faced with acid and alkali consumption of large, regeneration cycle is short, workers labor intensity, and the problem of serious environmental pollution reverse osmosis technology is the high and new technology emerging in recent 20 years, which USES reverse osmosis principle, using a highly selective permeability of reverse osmosis membrane, can make the inorganic salt in the water removal rate reached 99%.Therefore it has simple operation, low energy consumption, pollution-free advantages, in terms of pure water preparation are widely used.

  The composition and function of reverse osmosis desalination system:
(1) high pressure pump:
High pressure pump is set up in order to make the reverse osmosis water reaches a certain pressure, let to reverse osmosis process, is to overcome the osmotic pressure water molecules through the reverse osmosis membrane to the freshwater layer.
(2) reverse osmosis membrane components and pressure vessels:
Ro equipment can remove most of the inorganic salt, water particles, bacteria, viruses and other soluble substances, etc.
Reverse osmosis membrane element using the American GE company's AG8040-400 high desalination rate low pressure membrane, is made of aromatic polyamide composite membrane.
The using conditions of membrane element are as follows: the highest temperature of 45 oc, pH range of 2.0 11.0, the highest operating pressure 4.16 MPa, the biggest pressure loss of 0.07 Map, the highest water pollution index SDI is 5, the highest water turbidity 1.0 NTU, fill the highest residual chlorine content is 0.1 PPM, and single concentrated water and by water flow rate ratio of 5:1.
In the case of normal use, the average service life of the membrane element for 3 years.The membrane element design working pressure in the range of 1.4 2.2 Map.Pressure vessel for reverse osmosis membrane element with shell of pressure of work environment, the Canadian head letter FRP 8 "- 6 w pressure vessel, the rated working pressure of 300 psi, namely 2.0 Mpa, a pressure vessel can hold 6 reverse osmosis membrane element.
(3) automatic flushing device:
Reverse osmosis in the process of operation, the process of enrichment and concentration polarization on the membrane surface will result in contact with raw water by the concentration of solids concentration is greater than that of raw water body.Therefore equipped with automatic low pressure flush device after before starting, stopping, or after a adjustable during continuous operation of reverse osmosis membrane timing of low pressure flush, to wash away attached to small amounts of contaminants on the surface of the membrane.Washing is completed, the system automatically return to flush the state before the launch.Reverse osmosis device is equipped with German automatic low pressure flush protection device, the device automatically when reverse osmosis boot washing membrane action, to ensure that the degree of membrane pollution to a minimum.

  Equipment characteristics:Using the world's most advanced reverse osmosis membrane element, pressure vessels and other equipment, with a reasonable and before and after processing equipment, can produce in accordance with the iron and steel industry, iron and steel circulation cooling water standard.Control system adopts industrial computer programmed control, which can realize automatic start-stop, dosing and flushing, automatic monitoring of various operating parameters, so that the production management.


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