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Water treatment Equipment > Power plant boiler softened water treatment and desalination equipment system zl - gls0001

Power plant boiler softened water treatment and desalination equipment system zl - gls0001
Source:Water treatment technology center   Author:zhonglan  Release time:2015-08-24

Equipment basic configuration:
Product name: power plant boiler softened water treatment and desalination equipment system
Model: zl - gls0001
Dimension: 200-2000 cm
Operating pressure: < 0.16 Mpa
Water yield: 0-500
Water resistivity: 0.5 to 18
Voltage: 380 v
Power: 370-200000 - w
Electrical conductivity: 50-0.05
Desalination rate: > 90%
Stand-alone power: 0.5 500 t/h
Whether the custom:

Description of project:
Power plants or power plant in order to guarantee the safe operation of the boiler's normal language, must be to enter the boiler water softening or desalination process, namely the construction of softening or desalting water stations.Due to the pressure vessel and boiler is a special operation in the process of the pressure inside the boiler steam drum and the temperature is very high, in order to prevent boiler scale, guarantee the safety operation of the boiler in the thermal efficiency and boiler, which requires a boiler chemical water treatment equipment.Usually use "pretreatment + ion exchange" or more "more medium filtration + activated carbon filtration + uf + ro + ion exchange desalination technology.
The system design adopts AQU - 250 - a - H - 100 k type ultrafiltration membrane as the separation system core processing components, AQU - 250 - a - H - 100 k using ultrafiltration membrane material of modified PVC hollow fiber, its surface activation layer of dense, support layer for the double row fat structure, therefore, high tensile strength, transmembrane pressure difference is small, good backwashing effect, pollution resistance, long service life, and can guarantee to produce water quality for a long time, the colloid, suspended particles, chromaticity and turbidity, bacteria, macromolecular organic matter has good ability to remove.

Desalting water complete sets of equipment technical requirements:
System requires advanced technology, safe and reliable (24 hours operation), the economy.
System can process design and equipment selection in the process of production has great flexibility and adjustment, can adapt to the change of water quality, water quantity, ensure stable discharging water, supply water standard.

Design principle:
1, first choose technology advanced, reliable, economic and reasonable process.
2, make full use of existing resources, as far as possible to save investment.
3, choose safe and reliable, advanced technology, low investment, low operation cost, simple management, maintenance quantity is little, flexible operation of water treatment new technology and equipment, reasonable, linking to the original facilities to ensure the long-term stable operation of water purification system.
4, through the design of the overall optimization, USES the advanced energy saving technology, save energy and minimize the operating cost.
5, choose low noise equipment, avoid cause secondary pollution to the environment.
6, in combination with the actual situation of purification system, on the premise of convenient installation, strive for various structures focus as far as possible, compact layout, save floor.
7, in meet the technical requirements under the premise of fully respecting the opinions of the user.

Process technology and process equipment design.
1, system process design.
System of water treatment facilities can be divided into four parts:
(1), mechanical parts: filtration by quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, fiber ball filter, disc filter, precision filter, etc.
Material flow: the filtered water into film production process, equipment or ion exchange equipment.
(2), ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membrane combination processing parts: mainly by the host, reverse osmosis membrane ultrafiltration membrane of the host.
Material flow: ultrafiltration water back into the original pool of water, reverse osmosis water production into the pool, reverse osmosis water discharge.
(3), ion exchange part: by cation exchanger, anion exchanger, mixed ion exchanger.
2, system process description:
The original water tank: the storage water (some power plant using in situ method of getting access to the river, the river to preliminary coagulation precipitation into preprocessing of it).
The original water pump: the raw water to pressurize and ascend.
Medium filter: including quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, fiber ball filter, such as pretreatment of raw water.
Cation exchanger, displacement and adsorption cation in raw water, the water into the carbon removal device.
Carbon removal: to remove the water of carbonate ions and bicarbonate root, into carbon dioxide and water, carbon dioxide from upper carbon removal device.
Middle water tank: general Settings in the lower part of carbon removal device, often adopt concrete structure.
Anion exchanger, displacement or adsorption water anion, thus reduce the salt content of the water.
3. The instrument system design.
System instrument selection to ensure that meet the provisions in the system engineering of technical indicators, in meet the design requirements of production, if choose instrument model simplification, as far as possible to facilitate the installation and maintenance in the future.All instrumentation equipment in the domestic many similar devices have been widely applied successfully, and after-sales service can get timely and effective response, and try to choose standard products, in order to facilitate the change between different brands and compatibility, the selected instrument has high reliability and less maintenance, installation and easy operation and high level of protection features.
4. Electrical control and building structure design
(1) detailed design in accordance with the requirements of the users of electric control design selection.
(2) the design of buildings and other structures by related design unit design diagram.
(3) the system of fire control design in building water supply and drainage design to carry on the design drawing.
(4) the system lighting design in architectural design to carry on the design drawing.
(5) the lightning protection and grounding design in architectural design to carry on the design drawing.
(6) electrical instrument control system main design requirements:

Equipment function and description:
Line into line ark is mainly composed of switchgear, bus coupler switch cabinet, the main switch unit, current transformer, current meter, its main components and related products adopt schneider products by the requirement, the main design requirements into the line circuit with voltmeter and ammeter and short circuit, grounding, overload, low voltage protection.
GGD low-voltage distribution cabinets for indoor type, floor installation, mainly composed of circuit breaker, overheating/electromagnetic tripping, contactor, thermal relay (with auxiliary contacts), ask GGD cabinets for the entire system to provide reliable power supply, electrical equipment for electrical power supply circuit is designed in local control cabinet to run/stop lights motor running state, design also has a short circuit, earth fault protection and overload protection and interlock control, power distribution circuit design has a short circuit, earth fault protection, overload protection.
Button on the control cabinet is mainly composed of start-up, stop lights, local/remote switch, terminal, its related products adopt schneider products, according to the requirement on the control cabinet is equipped with manual, automatic, stop mode selection switch, "manual" mode will be used for debugging and maintenance of motor, PLC, no control, on site can start/stop button to manually start and stop the motor, "automatic" mode will be used to run normally, before allow motor start need to test all the control chain and field instruments.
Power cable used in cable trench and the underground wear pipe laying, cable tray for galvanized coating with cover, electric indoor cable hole with fireproof plugging material do.

Station by us is responsible for the design and installation of lighting, according to the design code for industrial enterprises, designing, regardless of the design of special lighting, electric room, operation room set up emergency light.All equipment required to reliable grounding, grounding resistance is not greater than 4 ohms, each motor and power distribution circuit grounding and GGD grounding bus bar connection, GFD grounding bus bar directly into the system of ground net.through good.


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