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Water treatment Equipment > Pharmaceutical GMP certification zl - zyc0001 purified water equipment

Pharmaceutical GMP certification zl - zyc0001 purified water equipment
Source:Water treatment technology center   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-08-31

Equipment basic configuration:
  Product name: pharmaceutical GMP certification purified water equipment
  Model: zl - zyc0001
  Inlet diameter of 32 (mm)
Water rate 0.5t/h
Pressure of work 1.0Mpa(psi)
Specifications:1400 * 1650 * 800


  Description of equipment:
  Purified water device is used to meet the demand of various industries for making purified water equipment, used in medicine, biological chemical industry such as chemical industry, hospital, the whole system is made up by SUS304L or SUS316L stainless steel material, and before the water point must be equipped with uv and ozone sterilization device (some countries do not allow the use of ozone, and so are system adopts pasteurized).Purified water equipment core technology, using the latest technology of reverse osmosis, EDI is targeted to design a complete set of high pure water treatment technology, to meet the needs of purified water from pharmaceutical factory, hospital, large infusion water requirements.

  Purification of aquaculture water indicators
Chemical indicators: conform to the law of the People's Republic of China pharmacopoeia 2010 edition pharmaceutical purified water requirements
Hygiene inspection: microbial 10 cfu / 100 ml
Endotoxin 0.25 EU/ml
Conductivity 2 mu S/cm or less (0.5 M * cm omega resistivity or greater)
(1) automatic control, convenient operation and simple;(2) the whole equipment all stainless material, adopts full stainless steel medical special water tank;
(3) equipped with a water softener, guarantee the RO system and EDI system because of the influence of hardness and stable operation;
(4) imported Hyde can ultra low pressure reverse osmosis, desalination rate is high, long service life, stable operation, low energy consumption reduced by 20%;
(5) reverse osmosis system adopts fully automatic mode control, the main components of imported components, high stability, convenient operation and simple;
(6) EDI system USES a constant pressure control system, ensure water quality stability;
(7) of the film USES the authentic original installation import, stable performance and long service life, and through professional technology, to ensure that the EDI system short outage or water quality remained stable in the long downtime;
(8) EDI flow meter adopts imported flow meter, can be prevented from water channel blockage or other equipment failure caused by without strong aquaculture water to the damage of the film;
(9) EDI system is equipped with ultraviolet sterilization and membrane filter, ensure EDI water production quality stability;
(10) has no water protection and high and low pressure protection device such as a variety of security features;
(11) all USES the purified water and special water tank, and is equipped with pressure type level gauge, rotating spray cleaning and air breathing apparatus;
(12) equipped with ozone sterilization, with good quality and the best configuration design.

  Technological process:

The original water tank, function: raw water storage system, to adjust the effect to the water, also have certain precipitation effect on the impurity in the water.
Sand filter, function: preliminary purify water and sediment, impurities, suspended solids and other particles, such as reduce the turbidity of water.
Carbon filter function: the use of carbon adsorption principle of the water color, odor, residual chlorine, etc.
Security filter function: prevent larger particles impurities into the reverse osmosis membrane, causing the damage of the membrane, protect the reverse osmosis membrane.
Reverse osmosis host, function: mainly through the reverse osmosis filtration, achieve the purpose of the purified water production.
PH adjustment system, functions: through PH adjustment to 7 or so, remove the CO2 in the water, producing water quality.To ensure maximum extent (reverse osmosis water production, water quality and production more stable water quality of EDI and the use of nuclear energy resin longer life).
Purified water tank, functions: storage secondary reverse osmosis water production, water purified water for the terminal point.
Sterilization system, function: used for cleaning the water purification and purification tank.
Uv sterilizer, function: kill bacteria residue in water and ensure water quality.
Micro filter function, function, filter out ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and other particles.
  Purified water booster pump function: for conveying water point of pure water.


Piping system
1. The purified water equipment system preferred welding connection parts, the second card, put an end to use silk tooth connection.
2. The whole system are all made of one side welding both sides of the molding process, USES the German import automatic welding machine and the special pipe cutting tool automatic welding process.Water quality grade is different, manual welding and automatic welding process, respectively, contact with purified water in automatic welding, welding after passivation treatment, provide the gauge glasses photos, attached inspection report.
3. Contact with the product of water filters, pressure gauge, the conductivity probe, RO membrane shells, uv clamp connection ways are all health level.
4. Contact with the terminal water line can satisfy the requirements of GMP3D, rubber gasket for PTPE, when mounted horizontally is 45 degrees, the diaphragm valve loop pipeline installation set as 0.5 grade, set low emission points.
5. Set sampling points, respectively, each system for testing the water quality.
6. The system USES the 3 d design, production, processing, installation, integration, and is equipped with circulating water pipes, to eliminate stagnant water pipes.

  The RO membrane shell, the precision filter technical requirements
1. The whole structure is 304 stainless steel seamless tube.
2. The purified water of any activity interface are sanitary clamp connection mode.(such as membrane shell, pressure gauge)
3. The RO membrane unique rows net design, can be completely clear all internal water.
4. The purified water section line for the automatic welding process, welding machine in Germany and GF ShiShi specialized in cutting tools.
5. The precision filter is detachable, interior is clean type structure.

  Functional description
1. USES the Japanese mitsubishi PLC + touch screen automatic control mode, control circuit are safe voltage 24 v.
2. The touch screen has a picture of the technological process, the water pump, valve, tank liquid level monitoring, a dynamic image.
3. Humanized alarm record and prompt function;When to replace the filter material cycle, filled with water, water shortage, low pressure, overpressure in the touch screen event record bar will record, when the water flow, pressure, abnormal will be issued a report to the police.
4. The water quality at all levels section set the qualified and unqualified water discharge to the function in the former period to ensure stable water quality security.(if 5 minutes to restore water quality qualified, record bar, the touch screen over time not restore a alarm).Also there is the function of water quality deviation, is there a minimum use of water quality early warning function, forever won't appear the state of emergency.
5. PLC + touch screen automatic control mode, stable and reliable, delicate and beautiful.Automatic mode for one-click starts, the operation is simple and convenient.
6. Manual mode with administrative privileges, respectively is: administrators, engineers, operators, three levels of management.
7. Manual and automatic mode conversion is convenient, have special remind function, to prevent the operating personnel operating the equipment.
8. In order to achieve the different sections no dead Angle, if secondary reverse osmosis water, purification tank filled with water, no water is used in the terminal 2 hours, terminal water level change, automatic cycle to tap water tank, trigger the whole system to build water, to prevent the flow pipe for a long time no breeding ground for bacteria.Implement real-time monitoring for purified water conductivity at the same time, keep the minimum flow rate of more than 1 m/s.In order to reduce the possibility of purified water pipe network microorganism growth.
9. Each tank liquid level switch signal points in the system, and RO flushing.(boot, the cycle time can be modified time the touch screen, set up a rights management)
10..Humanized three-dimensional design, in line with the ergonomics;Touch screen, sets up the high position switches, instruments, meters, conform to the average height of convenient manual operation.
11. RO water production, rinsing time can be set, when the water peak, adjustable water production time, use water stability of water.
12. Separate control system, water system and water supply, in case of replacement of consumable materials, can not stop water or water.
13. The three dimensional animation design installation, in accordance with site conditions are in place, reasonable set up convenient access channel.
14. Pipeline installation shall be horizontal, vertical, beautiful and easy, cable tray is firm and reliable
15. Wire and cable should comply with the national electrical code.
16. Pipeline installation manual welding, pipe are secure, each pipe support spacing according to the standard installation, pipe has a certain slope of 5/1000.
17. The welding test specimen, record and print every day, every day finished, keep health clean and tidy, pipe should be stick a seal, prevent foreign bodies from entering the pipe internally.
18. And provide the pipe spools mapping, welding coding records, pickling passivation, test reports, endoscope inspection photos.

  Main configuration
1. In accordance with Chinese GMP certification requirements, tailored specifically for the pharmaceutical enterprises, corina not only provide a set of stable and reliable equipment, provide certification system data and more comprehensive solution.
2. The system adopts full stainless steel configuration, steady operation, delicate and beautiful, the operation is simple and convenient.
Among 3. Equipped with the original water tank, water tank, equipped with liquid level unit, prevent affect equipment for tap water pressure instability.
4. The purified water with special aseptic water tank, equipped with pressure type level gauge, rotating spray cleaning and air breathing apparatus.
5. Equipped with water tank water electromagnetic valve, floating ball fill valve performance than conventional stability.
6. Adopt two-stage reverse osmosis system configuration, the greatest degree to ensure system stable operation.
7. Equipped with PH adjustment and on-line detection system, the United States Milton Roy metering pump, adjust PH value, prevent the CO2 on water quality.
8. Imported Hyde can ultra low pressure reverse osmosis, desalination rate is high, long service life, stable running, energy consumption dropped by 20%.
9. Through reverse osmosis membrane design software and field operation experience, scientific configuration.
10. Equipped with dedicated thick diaphragm valve water, easy to operate.
11. Equipped with ozone sterilization;More thorough cleaning.
12. Equipped with UV ultraviolet (UV) and membrane filter, prevent bacteria affect water quality.
13. A pressure point set up without water, low pressure, overpressure, such as multiple security functions.
14. The main electric elements adopt the French schneider, CRD, and according to the optimum design.

  Purified water device can be used in medical equipment, pharmaceutical water, blood purification, water infusion, biochemical products, medical sterile water, liquid water (pharmaceutical preparation, please check this site pharmaceutical preparations, such as injection industry water equipment manufacturing system), the water production can be further processed into sterile distilled water.


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