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Water treatment Equipment > Zl-fzgs001 community building water supply system

Zl-fzgs001 community building water supply system
Source:Building community water supply system   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-17

Building community water supply system

  Equipment parameters:
  Name: community building water supply system
  Model: zl-fzgs001
  Rated frequency: (50 Hz)
  Rated power: 300 (w)
  Feed water pressure: 0.3 (Mpa)
  Water supply (10000 L/h)
  Dimension: 1000 (cm)
  Voltage: 220 (V)
  Net weight: 30
  Water quality: 0.1
  Whether to provide processing custom: it is
  Summary of water.
  Water is the water depth processing, it through filtration, softening, membrane separation (RO and UF) methods of sterilization, remove the water harmful impurities such as heavy metals, organic matter, bacteria and viruses, making it a high quality drinking water (or pure water), through set up special plumbing directly into every household, for the use of residents, with the original water completely separate, original water tap water as groceries.This two pipes at different water quality, supply of drinking water and domestic water way called pipeline of high quality drinking water purification, also known as water.
  Water it is essentially to city water treatment works through the preliminary processing of tap water (drinking) in-depth processing, to achieve high quality drinking water can meet the needs of the human body health.Its core equipment for membrane filtration equipment, ultrafiltration equipment, for example, reverse osmosis equipment.Are based on membrane filtration of small molecular mass, make through pure water molecules, and some heavy metals, organic matter, bacteria and other harmful the filter remove particulate matter.Output to the pure water to drink.
  Water supply system:
  The core of the water supply system is composed of four most: high quality drinking water equipment, variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment, water supply pipe network and pipe network water sterilization equipment.
  1.High quality drinking water equipment
  High quality drinking water equipment is the core of the water depth of purification treatment device, used in pipe system of water supply engineering of water equipment usually adopt microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis filtration technology, production of high quality drinking water, especially by nanofiltration membrane can effectively remove the harmful substances in the raw water, and part of desalination, and hardness, suitable amount of retained some minerals in raw water, can yet be regarded as the best membrane technology to produce high quality drinking water.
  2.Variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment
  In water supply projects using automatic constant pressure frequency conversion water supply unit directly increase water supply, sanitation, safe, reliable, user can drink fresh water at any time, to avoid the secondary pollution, and the equipment covers an area of small, stable performance, low energy consumption.
  3.The water supply pipe network
  High quality water supply pipe network system debugging and network maintenance provides the necessary conditions.The design of water supply pipe network is different from ordinary tap water pipe network design, whose core is: the water supply pipe network to make the water circulation is fluent, there is no dead Angle as much as possible.The meaning of the circulating fluid is not used by users in the network of water flow and through pipeline disinfection system must be able to timely return to the water purification tank, rather than a long stay in a certain section of the pipeline, otherwise easy to cause pipeline secondary pollution, breeding ground for bacteria.
  4.The pipe network water disinfection equipment
  Water supply pipe must be "open faucet can drink".Besides to do the high quality drinking water equipment export quality standard, must be on the network set up networks timing cycle water disinfection device to ensure pipeline network of water health security, effectively prevent the secondary pollution.
  The characteristics of water supply:
  1.Health: is superior to the national drinking water standard.Improve the residents' quality of life.Raise the level of health.High quality, good taste, health, environmental protection, safe and reliable.
  2.New: automatic cycle flow, water quality automatic monitoring, prevent secondary pollution, clean water.
  3.The health: reverse osmosis technology to separate the water all impurities and bacteria, ensure the quality of drinking water.
  4.Security: completely avoid water pollution and water pipe road and affect the quality of drinking water.


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