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Sewage treatment equipment > Zl - fdws001 restaurant wastewater treatment equipment

Zl - fdws001 restaurant wastewater treatment equipment
Source:Sewage treatment equipment   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-02


  Restaurant wastewater contains large amounts of food fiber, protein and fat, if not treated will cause eutrophication of water body pollution caused by the.Restaurant restaurant wastewater after oil separation, slag after pretreatment, still contains a lot of difficult mechanical treatment emulsion colloid of oils and fats, protein, dietary fiber, such as organic pollutants, after dealing with the depth, not reach discharge standards.

  Restaurant wastewater treatment flow chart:

  Equipment parameters:

  Name: restaurant wastewater treatment equipment
  Model: zl - fdws001
  Other facilities: can customize the root customer requirements

  Restaurant wastewater treatment technology:
  Restaurant wastewater treatment process description: wastewater by adjusting pool through a grating to drain slag pool after the sewage pump into the gas floating equipment, for the most part remove grease, BOD and suspended solids, wastewater into the biological reactor, through the PLC controller open aerator oxygen filling, bioreactor effluent by the circulation pump into the membrane separation processing units, strong water return bioreactors, membrane separation of water directly discharge or reuse.Part of air flotation equipment by the pressurized water pump into the dissolving tank, dissolved air after return air flotation equipment.Backwash pump in the water storage tank is used water to flush of film processing equipment, recoil sewage returns bioreactor.Membrane unit filter operation and backwash operations can be automatic or manual control.When membrane unit need chemical cleaning operation, shut off the water valve and sewage circulating valve, open the medicine and pharmaceutical circulation valves, start circulating pump and cleaning solution pump, chemical cleaning operations.

  Process characteristics:
  The inefficiency of the present sewage treatment equipment is common problem such as high operation cost, facility covers an area of large, processing facilities operation is not ideal.So the urban water treatment in China is in urgent need to develop economic efficient applicable treatment technology and equipment.
  In this scenario, sewage treatment equipment of air flotation + Membrane Bioreactor (be Bioreactor, referred to as the MBR) technology, the core part of this process the MBR is combined biological treatment with Membrane separation technology is a new technology, to replace the traditional process of the second precipitation, it can efficiently solid-liquid separation, get the stability of the direct use of water, but also to maintain a high concentration of microorganisms in the biological in the pool, process less excess sludge, effectively remove ammonia nitrogen, suspended solids and turbidity water was close to zero, the bacteria and viruses in water is removed significantly and low energy consumption, cover an area of an area small, convenient operation and management, water can be directly reuse etc., special industrial developed area, population, water shortage area.Membrane biological treatment technology applied to wastewater recycling, has the following features:
  Solid-liquid separation, can effectively carry out the waste water of suspended substance, colloid, biological cell loss and microbial flora has separated purified water.Separation process is simple, cover an area of an area small, good water quality, general need not the tertiary treatment can be reuse.
  2. Can make the biological treatment unit in biomass at high concentration, the volume load is greatly increased, membrane separation efficiency at the same time, make the processing unit hydraulic retention time greatly shortened, bioreactor covers an area of less.
  3. Because can prevent the loss of all kinds of microbial flora, is advantageous to the growth speed slow (nitrifying bacteria, etc.) the growth of bacteria, so that the system in various metabolic process smoothly.
  4. Make some difficult degradable organic macromolecular longer residence time and is beneficial to their decomposition.
  5. Film processing technology and other filtration separation technology, in the process of long-term operation, the film as a filter medium blockage, membrane through the water run time and decrease the effective backwash and chemical cleaning can slow down the decline of membrane flux to maintain the effective service life of the MBR system.
  6. The MBR technology application in urban wastewater treatment, due to its simple technology, convenient operation, can realize automatic operation and management.


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