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Sewage treatment equipment > Zl - yrws001 printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment

Zl - yrws001 printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment
Source:sewage treatment equipment   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-05

  Equipment basic configuration:
  Name: printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment
  Model: zl - yrws001
  Sewage quantity: 100-100 (m3 / h)
  Model: BTE - 1000 l
  Ozone dosage: 100 (g/h)
  Air quantity: 200 (m3 / min)
  Air tank capacity: 100 (m3)
  Flow meter specifications: 1-10 (m3 / h)
  Outlet pipe diameter: 80 (mm)
  Inlet pipe diameter: 80 (mm)
  Dimension: 1500 * 80 * 80 (cm)
  Aerator power: 0.37 (kw)

  Printing and dyeing wastewater of complex water quality, pollutants according to the source can be divided into two categories: those from the entrainment of fiber raw material itself;Another kind is used in the manufacturing process of the slurry, oil, dye, chemical fertilizer, etc.Analysis of the wastewater characteristics, mainly for the following aspects.
  1. Large water volume, high content of organic pollutants, deep chromaticity, high alkalinity and pH change, water quality changes dramatically.Due to the development of chemical fiber fabric dyeing and finishing technology progress, make the PVA slurry, new additives such as difficult to biodegrade organic matter a lot into the printing and dyeing wastewater, increase the processing difficulty.
  2. Due to different dyes, auxiliaries, fabric dyeing and finishing requirement, therefore the pH in waste water, CODCr, BOD5, color and so on also each are not identical, but their common characteristic is BOD5 / CODCr values are very low, generally around 20%, but poor biochemical, so you need to take measures to make the BOD5 / CODCr values increase to 30% or higher, for the biochemical treatment.
  3. The alkali deweighting wastewater treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater, the CODCr values can reach more than 100000 mg/L, pH 12 or more, so must be pretreated, the alkali recovery, and adding the acid to reduce the pH value, after preprocessing reaches a certain requirements, then to adjust pool, and other printing and dyeing wastewater is processed together.
  4. Another feature of printing and dyeing wastewater is high colority, some can be as high as 4 more than 000 times.So dyeing and printing wastewater treatment is one of the important tasks of decolorization processing, therefore need to study and use efficient decolorizing bacteria, efficient decolorizing coagulant and is advantageous to the decoloring process.
  5. Printing and dyeing industry, PVA slurry and the use of new additives, make difficult biochemical degradation of organic matter content in the waste water.Especially PVA slurry of CODCr content accounts for a considerable proportion of total CODCr printing and dyeing wastewater and water treatment with general microbiology to this part of CODCr is hard to degrade.So need to study and filter used to microbial degradation of PVA.
  In addition, due to the production of continuous operation, so there is a water quality fluctuation;For the extensive use of VAT dyes, sulphur dyes, ice dye wastewater, such as its chemical flocculation effect is relatively poor.Process should consider these factors, therefore, it is certain to should have the ability to adapt to changes in water quantity, water quality of load.
  Used in printing and dyeing wastewater treatment methods include chemical method and biological method, chemical method (multi-function coagulant processing method, the high voltage pulse electrolysis method) and so on, but most of the biochemical biochemical - chemical group as the main body is legal.

  Printing and dyeing sewage water quality with the fiber kinds and processing technology of vary, pollutant composition difference is very big.Printing and dyeing wastewater with high concentrations of pollutants commonly, variety, containing toxic and harmful components and high chroma, etc.In printing and dyeing wastewater pH value of 6 ~ 10, CODCr is 400 ~ 1000 mg/L, BOD5 is 100 ~ 400 mg/L, SS is 100 ~ 200 mg/L, chroma is 100 ~ 400 times.
  But when printing and dyeing technology, using the fiber kinds and processing technology, sewage water quality would be a big change.In recent years due to the development of chemical fiber fabrics, the rise of emulation silk printing and dyeing and finishing technology advances, the PVA slurry, rayon alkaline hydrolysis (mainly phthalic acid), new type additives such as biochemical degradation of organic matter into printing and dyeing wastewater, the CODCr concentration from hundreds of mg/L also risen to more than 2000 ~ 3000 mg/L, BOD5 increases to more than 800 mg/L, pH 11.5 ~ 12, so that the original biological treatment system CODCr removal rate decreased from 70% to 70%, even lower.
  Printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment is mainly aimed at high chromaticity printing and dyeing wastewater decolorizing hard, high COD is difficult to reduce design research and development, which can effectively solve the technical difficulties in the process of dyeing and printing wastewater before printing and dyeing wastewater is treated after discharging standard.

  Our company is a professional manufacturer of printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment, the following to introduce the processing measures of printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment.
  Biochemical method:Biochemical method operation cost is low, the most widely used in wastewater treatment, but to solve the difficulties the two treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater, the process still needs further research.Main research direction: cultivate some efficient bacteria, such as efficient decolorizing bacteria and PVA degradation bacteria, etc.;Research on new type of anaerobic - aerobic biological treatment process.
  Membrane separation technology:Membrane separation technology used in printing and dyeing wastewater with low energy consumption, simple process, no pollution etc, application in the treatment of wastewater and recycle more and more.Has a lot of research both at home and abroad, the main FaZhanDian membrane separation technology should be developed new type of membrane and new type of membrane treatment equipment or process.
  Photocatalytic oxidation process:Photocatalytic oxidation method has obvious energy saving efficiency and pollutant degradation characteristics thoroughly, the commonly used catalysts such as titanium dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, oxalic acid iron inorganic reagents.Application in the field of photocatalytic oxidation technology in wastewater treatment has a good market prospect and economic benefit, but the research also has many problems, such as the search for more efficient catalyst, low energy efficient energy, separation and recovery of catalyst, reaction mechanism and kinetics still needs further research.
  Other ways: in terms of refractory printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) technology, low temperature plasma chemical method, ultrasonic degradation technology is the present study active new technology.In addition, overseas for ozone - uv, ozone - infrared method, ozone - and biochemical method, wet air oxidation, extraction, C radiation method research has the considerable progress, including C radiation method to enhance the subsequent coagulation treatment effect, greatly improve the removal rate of cationic dye.For high concentration and high salinity dye liquid and mother liquor, after evaporating burning (when necessary to join the auxiliary fuel), and is an important method of foreign printing and dyeing wastewater treatment.

  The advantages of printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment
  1. The printing and dyeing wastewater treatment facilities after treatment of carbon steel or stainless steel components, the scene splicing, light weight, easy to transport, convenient installation;
  2. The structure of glass steel, carbon steel, stainless steel corrosion, which have excellent properties such as corrosion resistance, anti-aging, the service life of 20 years;
  3. Placed in the earth's surface, equipment above the earth's surface can be used as green or other land, do not need to build a house and heating, heat preservation.Maximize the realization of the system integration, reduce area;
  4. No pollution, no noise, no smell, reduce secondary pollution;
  5. Do not accept the restriction of wastewater quantity, flexible, can be a single use, also can be used in combination with multiple.
  6. Silk printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment with PLC automatic electric control system and fault alarm system, safe and reliable running, normally do not need of personnel management, just in time for silk printing and dyeing wastewater treatment equipment maintenance and maintenance, management cost is small.


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