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Sewage treatment equipment > Zl - xqws001 village sewage treatment equipment

Zl - xqws001 village sewage treatment equipment
Source:Sewage treatment equipment   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-02

  Device configuration:
  Product name: sewage treatment equipment
  Model: zl - xqws001
  Sewage quantity: 0.5 ~ 30 m3 / h
  Ozone dosage: 20 (g/h)
  Air: 50-100 (m3 / min)
  Air tank capacity: 10 to 50 (m3)
  40 meter specifications: 5 - (m3 / h)
  Outlet pipe diameter: 20 to 60 (mm)
  Inlet pipe diameter: 150-150 (mm)
  Whether custom processing: it is
  Process principle:
  Comprehensive waste water from flowing through the grille lattice to larger particles suspended matter inflow wastewater adjusting pool;After adjusting pool wastewater homogeneous average, through liquid level gauge control by hydrolyzing sewage improve pump into the pool, in waste water by using anaerobic microbe to N, P, CODcr, BOD5 and other pollutants degradation.Hydrolysis pool with elastic fiber composite filler, to increase the microbial pool exists a high concentration of sludge and biological membrane mixture, organic matter degradation by oxygen and bacteria within the pool, improved the wastewater biological sex, at the same time, under the action of microorganisms, organic nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen can be converted to N2 and NxO gas process.Hydrolysis of pool water into the oxidation pond, under the effect of aerobic microorganisms, NH4 + in waste water will be converted to NO2 - and NO3 -.And with the help of a pool of elastic packing on aerobic microbial oxidation metabolism, decompose the organic pollutants in wastewater, thereby reducing the BOD5, CODcr, pollutants such as index.Contact oxidation pool water from flowing into sedimentation tank, settling the appropriate bullishness of sludge digestion process into the sludge pool, sedimentation tank of sewage main again after spate separation into subsequent water sterilization tank discharging standard.After the accumulation of surplus sludge digestion sludge pool by sinotrans mud pump regular cleaning, supernatant reflux hydrolysis pool denitrifying nitrogen treatment.

  Technological process:

  Scope of application:
  The equipment is suitable for living organic wastewater and similar industrial waste water, such as: living community, villas, office buildings, hotels, canteens, bath center, small and medium-sized factories, hospitals, and small and medium-sized medical institutions, railway stations, airports, docks, commercial blocks, the tourism scenic area, such as parks, scenic spots and historical sites, schools, military units, organs, and other venues, places a higher environmental requirements.

  Product advantage:
  1. The equipment is buried in the earth's surface, it can be to afforest, beautiful environment.
  2. The entire device is generally not need of personnel management.
  3. Can reduce cover an area of an area, the equipment can be built above the parking lot, etc., without having to build factories and other facilities.
  4. No impact on the surrounding environment noise, less sludge production, less than 2 kinds of standards of the region.
  5. Easy operation, convenient maintenance, new technology, good effect, long service life.
  6. Equipment according to the standard layout, also can need special arrangement with terrain.


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