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Sewage treatment equipment > Zl - tzws001 slaughter wastewater treatment equipment

Zl - tzws001 slaughter wastewater treatment equipment
Source:Slaughter waste water from washing, leaching, slaughtering o   Author:zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-09

Slaughter wastewater treatment equipment

  Equipment basic configuration:
  Name: slaughter wastewater treatment equipment
  Model: zl - tzws001
  Sewage quantity: 6 (m3 / h)
  Ozone dosage: 0.3 (g/h)
  Air volume: 0.5 (m3 / min)
  Flow meter specifications: 10 (m3 / h)
  Outlet pipe diameter: 108 (mm)
  Inlet pipe diameter: 50 (mm)
  Dimension: 1000 * 225 * 225 (cm)
  Aerator power: 2.2 (kw)
  Slaughter wastewater quality analysis:
  Slaughter waste water from washing, leaching, slaughtering of pens and other workshop floor washing, scalding, creations, fusi processing, wash oil, etc., it has a large uneven, drainage water volume, high concentration, impurity and suspended matter, can be a good biochemical characteristics.And it is different from other high concentration organic wastewater of the biggest lies in its high concentration of NH3 - N (about 120 mg/l), so in the process should be fully considered in the design of NH3 - N the effects on the wastewater treatment.

  Slaughter wastewater pretreatment:
  Slaughter wastewater pretreatment is the key to the whole system can run efficiently.In slaughter wastewater suspended solid (SS) is as high as 1000 mg/l, the suspension is easy to decay of organic matter, must be timely interception, on the one hand, can prevent the blockage of subsequent pipeline equipment, on the other hand instant cleaning can avoid suspended solid organic matter decay dissolve in water and become soluble organic matter, result in effluent CODCr, BOD5 concentration increased.Including contains a lot of pig slaughter wastewater, undigested feed pens flushing water and slaughter wastewater commonly two kinds big.
Pens flushing water again after a septic tank pretreatment with general slaughter wastewater effluent merged into the waste water treatment station, septic tanks in sedimentary pig and undigested feed through extrusion type solid liquid separator after extraction and dry (moisture content below 70%) as fish feed.

  General slaughter wastewater pretreatment of the two main methods: air floatation and sieve filter (filter aperture 1 ~ 5 mm), including air bearing is mainly used in a comparatively small amount waste water treatment station, its shortcomings mainly equipment complex, difficult management, high operation cost, poor health condition;Screen is mainly used in waste water quantity larger slaughter wastewater pretreatment, convenient management, stable operation.In front of the screen filter should be set in turn other fish pool, coarse grid (50 x 5 mm), coarse grid (20 mm), and other protective measures.

  Hydrolysis acidification or anaerobic:
  Slaughter waste water in the organic matter mainly for protein and fat, these long chain organic macromolecule material, it is difficult to be general aerobic bacteria use directly, in the process of its biodegradation, first commonly by enzyme breaks down into amino acids, carbohydrates and other small molecule organic matter, that can be utilized by aerobic bacteria directly behind the so hydrolysis acidification process is necessary to set up.


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