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Sewage treatment equipment > Zl - zyws001 pharmaceutical wastewater treatment equipment

Zl - zyws001 pharmaceutical wastewater treatment equipment
Source:wastewater treatment equipment   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-11

  Pharmaceutical wastewater is characterized by complicated composition, high concentration of organic matter, concentrations and high salinity, and contain difficult biodegradation and inhibition of antibiotics and other toxic substances.Contains a wide variety of organic pollutants, most of these substances is biochemical degradation of the material.And use the blue green ZLWS pharmaceutical waste water treatment equipment series, can very good solve the pharmaceutical wastewater from worries!
  Equipment parameters:
  Name: pharmaceutical wastewater treatment equipment
  Model: zl - ztws001
  Sewage quantity: 1 (m3 / h)
  Air volume: 0.3 (m3 / min)
  Air tank volume: 0.3 (m3)
  Flow meter specifications: 1 (m3 / h)
  Outlet pipe diameter: 50 (mm)
  Inlet pipe diameter: 25 (mm)
  Processing custom:

  Scope of application:
  Applicable to Chinese herbal medicine production sewage, chemical pharmaceutical wastewater, biological pharmaceutical wastewater treatment.
  Equipment advantages:
  1. Can be buried under the surface of the earth;
  2. Automatic control;
  3. No return sludge;
  4. Simple operation, convenient maintenance;
  5. Low noise, exhaust gas collection processing.;
  6. Long service life
  Zl series - zyws pharmaceutical waste water treatment plant is after many years of practice, gradually improved a specifically for pharmaceutical factory of high concentration wastewater treatment equipment, independence, integration of wastewater treatment plant.Its index is higher than the water reach the national emission standards.

  Technological process:
  Raw water to grille, adjust the pool - special micro electrolysis equipment - coagulation reaction - air floated equipment - UASBA - contact oxidation - MBR bioreactor to the water
  Process characteristics:
  (1).Efficient removal of organic matter, increase special micro electrolysis equipment can be biological sex, improve level after the removal efficiency.
  (2).Applied the MBR membrane pollution resistance, and the equipment to ensure emissions standards.
  (3).Leave out the second pond, the sludge thickener and disinfect pool.
  (4).The mud cycle is long.
  (5).The service life of hollow fiber membrane can be more than 3 years;The service life of main equipment in more than 20 years.
  (6).No personnel unattended automatically.
  (7).Long membrane element cleaning intervals.


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